Ben 10 Fusions

BenWolf and BenVictor

he has the thunder power of Ben Victor, and has the strength of Ben Wolf.

BenMummy and BenWolf

he has Incredible wolf powers and is able to stretch any part of his body and strikes with carronium.

DiamondHead and BenWolf

he can shoot diamonds from his hands and mouth.

DiamondHead and WildMut

he is totally made of Diamond and he can sense stuff from a mile away.

BenMummy and HeatBlast

he can stretch his legs and arms. If he stretches his arms he can set fire to stuff from about 250 miles away

BenFourArms and BenMummy

He has 4 arms, and can reach up to 2000 miles with each to hit people with amazing strength.

BenFourArms and BenWildMut (a.k.a. BenFourMut)

He has six legs. He chases bad guys, grabs them with his super sharp claws and bites their leg off.

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