Ben is a robot main characters as Tina´s boyfriends former as his girlfriends die and later as Roseline´s boyfriends former as his girlfriends pressume and after as Brandy´s boyfriends as has crush on her Brandy enter relationship robots, Ben have girlfriends currents to Brandy as romantic-interest.


Brandy Ben and Brandy as loves-interest new girlfriends and say likes and kiss them as back boyfriends enter relationship romantic-interest as news boyfriends. In Aniversary Weddings´s Day that Ben dancing with Brandy as romantic-interest and him kiss to Brandy. In Ben VS Bolts that Ben speak by girlfriends Brandy likes loves by blame his girlfriends´s brother to Bolts. 

Bolts Ben and Bolts as rival and jealous by created robots steel teenager vs steel yellow that a rival and until with his friends Bolts. In Ben VS Bolts that Ben say Bolts his formerly rival and say that Ben have his girlfriends to Brandy by his friends´s sister by blame to Bolts ruined loves-interest and finally can still be friends to Bolts. 

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