Jacqui Cheng's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of animated sytle movie-version 1997 of "Hercules".

Cast: Kodacules

  • Koda (From Brother Bear) as Hercules
  • Young Kiara (From Thé Lion King 2 Simba's Pride) as Megara
  • Shaun thé Ship (From À Close Shave) as Pegasus
  • Penguin (from Thé Wrong Trousers) as Philoctetes
  • Eve (from WALL-E) as Zeus
  • Julie Yamamoto (from Ben 10: Alien Force) as Hera
  • Young Simba and Young Nala (from Thé Lion King) as Herc's parents
  • Goop (from Ben 10: Alien Force) as Hermes
  • Sparks and Skip (from Aliens in the Attic) as Pain and Panic
  • Perdita Rita Duchess Mittens and Vixey (from 101 Dalmatians Oliver & Company Thé Aristocats Bolt and Thé Fox and thé Hound) as the Muses
  • Lady Tremaine Spell Queen and Maleficent (from Cinderella Snow White and thé Seven Dwarfs and Sleeping Beauty) as The Fates
  • Crystal Shaggy Young Bambi Young Faline and Little John (from Scooby Doo and thé Alien Invaders Bambi and Robin Hood) as The Townpeoples
  • Tai Lung (from Kung Fu Panda) as Hades
  • Four Arms (from Ben 10) as The River Guardian
  • Ami Onuki, Yumi Yoshimura (from Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi) and Juniper Lee (from Life and Times of Juniper Lee) as the Nymphs
  • Dragon (from The Secret of NIMH) as Cerberus
  • Robot Probe (from Monsters Vs Aliens) as The Hydra
  • 4-Boys (from Boy Goes To School) as The Titans
  • Mcleach (from Thé Rescures Down Under) as Cyclops
  • Echo Echo (Ben 10: Alien Force) as Ares, god of war
  • Stinkfly (from Ben 10) as Apolo, god of the sun
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum as Pain and Panic as Boys
  • Ali (from The Land Before Time) as Pain and Panic as a horse woman
  • Ekans and Arbok (from Pokemon) as Pain red snake and Panic blue snake

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