Bender Throws a Tantrum is a fan-made episode of Futurama.


  • Bender
  • Bender's parents (from the comic Boomsday)
  • Fry (also appearing as a narrator and policeman)
  • Leela (also appearing as a policewoman)
  • TBA


  • Storyteller: One day, Bender and his parents went to the toy Store. When he saw that ERTL Percy model, it happened.
  • Bender: Can i have this model?
  • Bender's Mom: No way, Bender.
  • Bender's Dad: That model costs money. Besides, you have many models at home.
  • Storyteller: Than, Bender bursts into tears.
  • Bender: But...but... (bursts into tears) WAAAHHHH!!! I WANT THAT PERCY MODEL PLEEEEASE! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • Bender's Parents: NO WAY! And quit all this nonsense or we are leaving this store!!!!!!!!
  • Storyteller: Bender's Parents drag him out to the toy store. Later, They sended him to his dark room.
  • Bender's Mom: You are in a long time out now,Young Man!!!!!!!.
  • Bender: Wahahahahaahahh!!!! It's too late to buy Percy Model. TOO LATE! WAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!.
  • Bender's Dad: Bender, there will be no more of these tantrums. Now we are going to the store, if you promise that you can keep yourself together, then we can get you a reward for good behavior, all right?.
  • Bender: Yes, sir.
  • Storyteller: Bender's parents calm Bender down. Next Morning, Bender and his parents went to the another store. He was so excited again.
  • Bender: Look, it's that Shrek Forevor After DVD. Can I Have That One?
  • Bender's Mom: No!
  • Bender's Dad: Never!
  • Storyteller: Said his parents furiously! Bender had had a big tantrum for a whole life!
  • Bender: (blubbers, than bawls and into his hands I.....I.........BWAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAHH!!!!!! I!,I WANT IT! I WANT IT! Waahaaahaaahaaahahh!!!!
  • Bender's Mom: Cut it out!!
  • Bender: But I Want that Forevor After DVD! BWAAAAAHAAAHAAHAAAAHAAHAAHAAAHH!!! Please! Please! Pleeeaase!!!
  • Bender's Dad: I'm Gonna get rid of one of those Simpsons videos for that little brat. Besides, that Shrek Forveor After is a phony.
  • Storyteller: Bender's parents got very angry.
  • Bender: Wahaahaahaaahaaahaah! Wahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaah! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! (Keeping bawling and sobbing the other kids are laughing at him).
  • Storyteller: Bender's parents and people run away from Bender throws a tantrum until the police arrive. Police officers toward Bender and his famil at the DVD store.
  • Fry the Policeman: Bender, what are you doing here?
  • Bender: My parent don't want me to drag me out to the store! You can't stop me!!!!! NOO!!!!!! Hey, guys. You're my co-worker and friends.\
  • Storyteller: Bender points to Fry and Leela who are about to handcuff him.
  • Leela the Policewoman: Shut up, I'm not going to let you do that I'll put handcuff on you.


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