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Welcome to the informational resource for Beneath a Steel Sky

Because the world being created in this experiment is dynamic, we decided that whenever somethign new needed to be explianed further, one could do so using this medium. Allowing it to be searchable and editable by all!


Here is where a brief explanation of the world will be placed.

Accepted Characters

A list of characters and brief plot descriptions surrounding each one.

List of NPC's

Since NPC's can be created and shared dynamically, here there shall be kept a running list of the interactions between them all.

Organisations, Corporations, and Gangs

Information about these things.

  • The Mercs: An Organization of Mercenaries, and in itself a number of smaller factions all trying to be the "supreme" mercenary faction. The factions themselves are too numerable to be named or detailed. Different mercenary groups are for hire in different parts of town, different bars, etc. One may also place a request through the Mercs to locate and hire a mercenary previously used, if one wants to hire somebody they feel they can 'trust'.
  • The Orcs and The Elves: Opposing street gangs that got a little carried away with genetic modifications. One group modified muscles, sharp teeth, and changed their skin pigmentation to seem more like the Fantasy race of the Orcs, a warlike and brutal race. The Elves, however, genetically modified themselves to be beautiful, intelligent, and have pointed ears. While this may not seem to match the strength of the Orcs, the Elves are also modified to be extremely deadly with any sort of ranged weapon. The Orcs use mostly melee weapons, but those have come a long way since simple swords and axes. These two gangs are mortally opposed to each other.


Information about certain technologies so you don't have to weigh down your posts with technical babble.


  • microsofts, or 'softs: These are stand alone applications people created to sell for profit, or to use themselves. These can vary from simply giving you the ability to speak Spanish, all the way to breaking through military grade ICE. Usually considered white or black. White 'softs are produced by corporations and fit within legal parameters, and are supposed to be used in only legal operations. Black is virtually the opposite.
  • White/Black Hat hacker: A White Hat is a technology enthusiast that uses their abilities for the good of society. Their actions may at times appear to be malicious, but in the end they are always trying to benefit somebody rightfully. Sometimes they will crack high-grade security to show a corporation where their security flaws are. They are also commonly writers of white 'softs. A Black Hat is essentially the opposite of a White Hat. A Black Hat is the more malicious of hackers. They seek destruction and corruption in the system. Their goal is adrenaline and excitement, the trademark addiction. Common slang in refering to White Hats and Black Hats is to call one, respectively, a What or a Bat. The Bats began their term in lust for darkness, while the term What started out of spite for the Bats. ('What' rhymes with 'Bat', rather than with the usual English word 'what'.)

The Nexus

Information and concepts about what the nexus is and what it can do.

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