• Brent as Bart Simpson
  • Cornelius as Otto
  • Cornelius (Roddy McDowall) as Krusty the Clown (uncredited, opening archive footage from Planet of the Apes)
  • Zira as Marge Simpson
  • Dr. Zaius as Homer Simpson
  • Nova as Lisa Simpson
  • Mendez as Ned Flanders
  • Albina as Edna Krabappel
  • Capay as Waylon Smithers Jr.
  • Verger as Snake Jailbird
  • Adiposo (credited as Fat Man) as Itchy
  • Ongaro (credited as Negro) as Scratchy
  • General Ursus as Chief Clancy Wiggum
  • Taylor as Ralph Wiggum
  • Skipper as Martin Prince, Jr.
  • Minister as Mr. Burns
  • The Narrator as Grandpa Abe Simpson

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