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Welcome to the homepage for you Exercise Sciece Research Project. Below are a list of topics your group will be researching. I want each person to have a designated topic to research so the data found is as thorough as possible. Once you have researched your topics, I would like you to edit the pages below and create a summary of the most important points you would like to present to the class. Below are the topics you need to edit. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Find the effects exercise has on each of the topics below

1. Depression, Anxiety, Stress ESRP: topic 1

2. Mood ESRP: topic 2

3. Psychological Well-Being ESRP: topic 3

4. Weight Loss/Appearance ESRP: topic 4

5. Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise ESRP: topic 5

6. Strength Training ESRP: topic 6

Here are some links that may help you with your research. These are not the only sources you should use.

1. American Cancer Society: [1]

2. American Heart Association: [2]

3. National Institutes of Health: [3]

While you are researching your topics, you are to create your own simple exercise program that is two weeks long and actually take part in the prescription. You are to describe your program on the link below, as well as give information regarding how the exercise affecting your body and mind.

Class Journals: ESRP: Class Journal

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