Benjamin's Burgers is a Titmouse Inc. spoof to Bob's Burgers. It showcases characters from various Titmouse Inc. Shows.


  • Benjamin Rockwell as Bob Belcher (Jeff Bennett)
  • Julie Kapulsky as Linda Belcher (Kate Micucci)
  • Randy Cunningham as Gene Belcher (Ben Schwartz)
  • Sophia Winterford as Tina Belcher (Tara Strong)
  • Lola Kapulsky as Louise Belcher (Stephanie Morgenstern)


  • Benjamin's Bob Belcher outfit is composed of: a white short sleeved shirt, gray pants and black shoes.
  • Julie's Linda Belcher outfit is composed of: a red long sleeved shirt, blue pants and yellow shoes.
  • Randy's Gene Belcher outfit is composed of: a yellow short sleeved shirt, blue shorts and red and white shoes.
  • Sophia's Tina Belcher outfit is composed of: a blue short sleeved shirt, blue skirt and black shoes.
  • Lola's Louise Belcher outfit is composed of: a green short sleeved dress and black shoes.

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