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Benji and The Golden Treasure is a fan-fiction TV Movie created by Pikachufreak.


  • The movie resolves on Benji (from Mountain Time) the main character. His partner is Ledian, his girlfriend is Arielle (from The Whistle Stop), his best friends are Rikochet and The Flea (both from Mucha Lucha), his little sister is Lizzie (from A Bout With Sprout), his father is Benji's Dad, Arielle's best friend is Helen (from Sonic X) and Rikochet's pet dog is Masked Dog (also from Mucha Lucha). The movie premiered on March 22, 2002.


  1. Benji
  2. Ledian
  3. Arielle
  4. Rikochet
  5. The Flea
  6. Lizzie
  7. Benji's Dad
  8. Helen
  9. Masked Dog

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