The term "Berezin" can be a little confusing as it applies to a city, a race of people, a country, and a language. It can also be said to apply to a culture. The term is pronounced "bear'e'zin".

Berezin lands

The Berezin empire is located primarily in the Frehn desert. This means that the people must deal with the particulars of a desert environment. They do not enjoy this life and therefore fight with one another often for better locations. The city of Berezin is the most desirable locations, but coastal spots are almost as desirable. There are 7 pillars in the desert that the clans form around in general. It is unknown whether the pillars were put in the most desirable spots, or if the spots where they were put were made better. The Berezin also conquered the country of Netherfield in the Old Kingdom which they renamed Stonefield.

The City of Berezin

The city of Berezin is a wonder among cities. It is a city, holding over 12,000 people. The city is made primarily of stone, with about half of the buildings being a stucco-like construction, the other half made of stone blocks. This city is not only a coastal city, but it is fed by rich underground freshwater springs. There is so much water in this city that inovative waterfalls and aqueducts have been built into city buildings so that water flows everywhere. The nearby jungle is host to a number of beautiful tropical birds. The city, loving these birds, has designed their city to attract them. There are perches built right into the side of many buildings, as well as feeders everywhere. The main building is an enourmous great hall for the Maha Raja and his retinue. Guests are also housed here. The outside of the great hall is the site for the most famous public baths. The springs feed right into these pools, which are always warm. A special blend of salts is used to clean these baths.

Berezin is currently under the control of the Lion Clan

The 7 great clans

The Berezin People

The Berezin language

Rules Modifications

Human, Berezin; The Berezin Members of the Tortoise Clan were magically transported to West End. After an initial integration period, they blended right into society. The Kukri, the Scimitar and the Falcion are not considered exotic weapons for the Berezin. Penalties for using these weapons unprofficiently have their penalties reduced by 2 (-2 instead of -4).

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