Berlioz is a Black Kitten from The Aristocats. He appears with Toulouse, Oliver and Marie in Kittens in Wonderland .

As Aladdin in Berliozladdin

He is a prince in the movie and those sequels.

As Dekisugi in Merlemon

He often goes with Marie, and Oliver gets jealous.

As Taran in The Great Cauldron

Berlioz losts his little horse Pegasus aka pig Hen-Wen and goes to Jafar's castle. He meets Bertha and Fagin in the castle.

As one of Flo's Puppies in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

He takes pizza with other kittens to Tiger and sung a song and making a game, or playing.

[[As John Darling in Nobita Pan

[[As Pingo in Olingu

[[As Nobita in Thumpermon

[[As Luigi in the videogame Super OliverSuper Oliver BrosOliver BrosOliver Cart and more Oliver games

[[As Flynn Rider in Berthapunzel

[[As Robin Hood in Berlioz Hood

[[As Prince Eric in The Little Mer-Bertha

[[As Prince Charming in Bertharella

[[As Peter Pan in Berlioz Pan

[[As Prince in Bertha and the seven birds

[[As John Smith in Berthahontas

[[As Hercules in Berliozcules

[[As Fievel Mousekewitz in An American World

[[As Shang in Berthalan

[[As Tarzan in Berliozan

[[As Pinocchio in Berlioznocchio

[[As Prince Phillip in Sleeping Bertha

[[As Bambi and Young Bambi in Berliozbambi

[[As Prince in Beauty and the Fat Kid

[[As Harry Potter in Berlioz Potter

[[As Bobblen/Bob in Kitten Bobble and Kitten Puzzle Bobble

[[As Phoebus in The Bunny of Notre Dame and The Bunny of Notre Dame II

[[As Pingu in Berliozingu

[[As Alice in Berlioz in Wonderland

[[As Dimitri in Berthastasia

[[As Sam in Fireman Berlioz

[[As Norman Price in Fireman Doraemon

[[As Arthur/Wart in The Sword in the Stone (Heart Game Style Version)

[[As Bert in Bertha Poppins

[[As Michael Banks in Nala Poppins

[[As Peter in Bertheidi

[[As Scrooge Mcduck/Ebenezer Scrooge in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[As Doraemon in Berliozmon

[[As Scrooge Mcduck in Kitten Tales

[[As Milo in Atlantis - The Lost Island (Ver.22)

[[As Pleakley in Marie and Doraemon

[[As Eddie Valliant in Who Framed Nobita Nobi?

[[As Oliver in Berlioz and Company

[[As Iago in Nobilladdin

[[As Lumiere in Beauty and the Fat Cat

[[As Marty in Madagascar (Ver.110)

[[As Nemo in Finding Berlioz

[[As Luigi in Kittens (a.k.a Cars)

[[As Randall in Kittens Inc.

[[As Hubie in The Pebble and the Kitten (Ver.12)

[[As Smitty in Dumbo (Fujiko Fujio style version)

[[As Jack Scheletron in Nightmare After Christmas

[[As Tod and Young Tod in The Fox and the Kitten (Ver.12)

[[As Young Derek and Adult Derek in The Cat Princess

[[As Donald Duck in The Three Gatitos, Saludos Amigos (Ver.110) and more Disney cartoons

[[As Jake in Berlioz and the Neverland Pirates

[[As Simba in The Kitten King (Math98 Style Version) and those sequels

[[As Ron in Tod Potter

[[As Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Berlioz?

[[As Derek in The Airplane Princess

[[As Taran in The Black Cave

His Counterparts

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