The Empire of the Solar Throne maintains a more complete control of the solar system surrounding the red dwarf star known as Bernard's Star than even Earth's own solar system, even though it is six light years from the capital planet of Mercury. The local branch of the Solar Empire government is in the hands of an A.I. computer known as Radix Imperius Gx456, who is aided by a council of advisors including other A.I.s, humans, and a few animal-human hybrids. Being six light years from Earth (though accessible by time-dilation-drive-equipped starships), the Solar Throne has been forced to grant local autonomy to the local regime under Radix Imperius Gx456, based on the planet Corbonius, an Earth-like world 1.7 AU from the local star. Nothing eventful occurs here except for the occasional geurilla and terrorist activities by ultranationalists on Corbonius wanting freedom from the rule of the Solar Throne.

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