Berry is a character and an Imaginary Friend in the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

To date, she only has only appeared in two episodes Berry Scary and Affair Weather Friends.

Apperance in the episodes

Berry Scary

In this episode, she had arrived at the house in search for somewhere to stay, even having luggage as well. Though, as soon as she had seen Bloo, she was in love.

However, throughout the episode, her other side could also be seen with quick jerks of movement, especially when she saw Bloo with his creator Mac and getting a little freaked out, but still retained her "nice side"

After meeting Mac, she was soon determined to get him out of the picture for good and wanting to have Bloo all to herself. Using various tactics to get rid of him throughout Bloo and Mac's World Records.

Soon enough, she managed to convince Bloo that Mac was always getting in the way and holding him back from getting the World Records. However, near the end of the episode, after she had made the World's Biggest Rubber band Ball, it was one rubber band short of being the world's biggest.

Her and Bloo are about to put it on when Mac interferes and cuts the rubber band, leaving her hanging, although, she does remark about it being the last rubber band, Mac reveals that he has another one, strapping it to the ball, but also, strapping her to it.

That is when her other side is fully shown, talking about love and yelling before causing the rubberband ball to roll out of the room, down the halls and out of the house.

Soon the main characters are watching the news where Berry quickly rolls past on the ball, still yelling.

Affair Weather Friends

She reappears in this episode, disguised as a rich kid called "Barry Bling" but does not reveal herself until near the end, strapping Mac to a rubber band ball before hopping into a small train to ram into him.

Although Bloo ends up helping Mac out, causing Berry to ironically get caught in the rubberband ball again, as well as yelling "Why does this keep happening to me!?"

It should also be noted that Bloo only remember Berry by the name "Heather" which is the name he said she looks like in Berry Scary

Apperances outside the show

Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party

She is shown in Cartoon Network's online game Foster's Big Fat Awesome House Party, seen in the theater.

However, she is not crazy at all and seems to love the theater instead, saying how great the others are at helping out.


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