Bert is a character from Sesame Street. He was originally voiced by Frank Oz and is currently voiced by Eric Jacobson. Oz still performs him occasionally.

Bert smile


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  1. Bert (Sesame Street)/Thomas
  2. Bert (Sesame Street)/TUGS
  3. Bert (Sesame Street)/Garfield
  4. Bert (Sesame Street)/Peanuts
  5. Bert (Sesame Street)/Ice Age
  6. Bert (Sesame Street)/Barney
  7. Bert (Sesame Street)/Muppets
  8. Bert (Sesame Street)/Mario
  9. Bert (Sesame Street)/Sonic
  10. Bert (Sesame Street)/Pokemon
  11. Bert (Sesame Street)/Kirby
  12. Bert (Sesame Street)/Ratatouille
  13. Bert (Sesame Street)/Mega Man X
  14. Bert (Sesame Street)/Tekken
  15. Bert (Sesame Street)/Street Fighter
  16. Bert (Sesame Street)/Fullmetal Alchemist
  17. Bert (Sesame Street)/VeggieTales
  18. Bert (Sesame Street)/Winnie the Pooh
  19. Bert (Sesame Street)/Dragon Tales
  20. Bert (Sesame Street)/Mickey Mouse


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