She's a kittens that appears with Oliver's siblings (Oliver & Company) in the beginning of Oliver & Company.

Gender: Girl

Colour: Light Blue

She appears in Movies-Spoofs like The Seventh Kitten, Sailor Bertha and Oliver Little.

As Princess Jasmine in Berliozladdin

She is a Princess in Those sequels.

As Bridget in An American World

She goes with Oliver aka Tony and meet Berlioz aka Fievel in the movie.

As one of Orphan Kids in The Rescuers (Mathemathics Style Version)

She and other orphan kittens thanking Marie when she got her new parents.

As Anastasia in Berthastasia

She's a princess in the movie.

As Olivia Flaversham in The Great Kid Detective

[[As one of Flo's Puppies in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

[[As one of Nobita and Shizuka's Classmates/Friends in Merlemon

[[As Alice in Bertha in Wonderland

[[As Dot in A Dog and Cat's Life

[[As Sarah in Fireman Basil

[[As Thumbelina in Berthalina

[[As Princess Charlotte in The Princess and the Mouse

[[As Princess Aurora AKA Briar Rose in Sleeping Bertha

[[As Rapunzel in Berthapunzel

[[As Elsa in Frozen (Mathemathics Style Version)

[[As Princess Tiger Lily in Berlioz Pan

[[As Belle in Beauty and the Fat Boy

[[As Ariel in The Little Mer-Bertha

[[As Ellionwy in The Great Cauldron

[[As Orddu in The Rainbow Cauldron

[[As Snow White in Bertha and the seven birds

[[As Shizuka in Thumpermon

[[As Cinderella in Bertharella

[[As Nakoma in Mariehontas

[[As Kim Possible in Bertha Possible

[[As Megara in Berliozcules

[[As Jane in Berliozan

[[As Mulan in Berthalan

[[As Esmeralda in The Bunny of Notre Dame and The Bunny of Notre Dame II

[[As Faline and Young Faline in Berliozbambi and Jeremambi

[[As Princess Daisy in the videogame Super Oliver, Super Oliver Bros, Oliver Bros, Oliver Cart and more Oliver games

[[As Maid Marian in Berlioz Hood

[[As Pingi in Berliozingu

[[As Melody Mouse/Martha Cratchit in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[As Princess Kida in  Atlantis - The Lost Island (Ver.22)

[[As one of Lilo's friends in Marie and Doraemon

[[As Pocahontas in Berthahontas

[[As Marina in The Pebble and the Kitten (Ver.12)

[[As Dolores in Who Framed Nobita Nobi?

[[As Sally in Nightmare After Christmas

[[As Vixey in The Fox and the Kitten (Ver.12)

[[As Young Odette and Adult Odette in The Cat Princess

[[As Lisa Simpson in The Kitsons

[[As Tanya Mousekewitz in An American Story and its sequel

[[As Audrey Ramirez in Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Ver. 505)

[[As Oliver in Bertha & Company

[[As Yumiko Kawai in Skippy-Hattori

[[As Alice's Sister in Jeremy in Wonderland

[[As Dumbo in Bertha (a.k.a Dumbo)

[[As Princess Tiger Lily in Tiger Pan

[[As Lady in Bertha and the Berlioz

[[As Angel on Duchess and the Alley Cat II - Berlioz's Adventure

[[As Princess Aurora/Briar Rose in Sleeping Bertha

[[As Lady Kluck in Oliver Hood

[[As Shanti in The Jeremy-Jungle Book

[[As The Blue Fairy in Jeremynocchio

[[As Pinocchio in Berthanocchio

[[As Anne-Marie in All Kids and Cats go to Heaven

[[ As Nala in The Kitten King (Math98 Style Version) and those sequels

[[ As Hermione in Berlioz Potter

[[ As Marie in The Aristo-Orphan Pets

[[ As Emily in Jeremy the Woodpile Cat

[[ As Misty in Pokemon (Ver. 505)

[[ As Sis in Nobil Hood

[[ As Maron in  Dinosaur BallDinosaur Ball Z and Dinosaur Ball GT

[[ As Lilo in Bertha and Pikachu (a.k.a Lilo & Stitch)

[[ As Sandy Cheeks in Oliverbob Squarepants

[[ As Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Berlioz?

[[ As Rita in Go, Tod! Go!

[[ As Amy Szalinski in Honey, I blew up the Kitten

Her Counterparts

More on Bertha

Her relative (Who he looks like):

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