Bertie/Sonic is a Princess Peach parody series.


  • Bertie as Sonic
  • Fergus as Tails
  • Lady as Sally Acorn
  • George as Dr. Robotnik
  • Bulgy or Hank as Shadow
  • Arthur as Knuckles
  • James as Antonie
  • Bill & Ben as Heavy & Bomb
  • Daisy as Rouge
  • Mavis as Cream
  • Spencer as Charmy Bee
  • Derek as Robotnik Jr.
  • Elizabeth as Tikal
  • Toad as Chip
  • Murdoch as Vector
  • Sir Topham Hatt as King Acorn
  • Lady Hatt as Queen Acorn
  • Victor as Sleet
  • Kevin as Dingo
  • Salty as Captain Whiskers
  • Harvey as Big Cat
  • Scruff as Amy Rose (I know Scruff is male)
  • Flora as Blaze
  • Hector as Lucas
  • Neville as Uncle Chuck
  • and more

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