Bertie Samson Also Known as Bertie, is the Second Main Protagonist of Super Samson Herms


Bertie is Samson's Older Brother


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Heroe Prince
  • Skin Color: Blue
  • Aligament: Good (Samson Series), Neutral (Meat Boy/Bandage Girl Series)
  • Clothing: Teal With Green Linings Suit & Teal Pants
  • Friends: Samson (Older Brother), Princess Loly (Girlfriend), the Canimals, Clozy, Marty-Yogoma, Jolksworth, the Jolks, Jolk, Yiskie (Best Friend), Flex, the Criaturites, the Pichona & others
  • Rivals: Ducky Jone (Sometimes), Walhalla (Arch-Rival), Warman, Meat Boy & Bandage Girl
  • Enemies: Anti-Clozy, Donkey Dragon (Sometimes), Burgas, Kultans, Kultan Kids, Fetus (Sometimes) & 789Machi 3000
  • Worst Enemies: Silver-Bonter & Zcrepser

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Counterparts (Meat Boy Version)

Counterparts (Evil Version)

  • Bowler (Thomas and Friends)