Bertie the Tugboat is an American Parody of TUGS which Features Captain Star who has 7 Tugs called Bertie, A Switcher, Big Jack, A Harbour Tug, AJ, Another Harbour Tug, Antione, A French Railway Tug, Warrior, Another Harbour Tug, Hercules, An Ocean-Going Tug and Sunshine, Another Switcher (who is female instead of male) and a Submarine called Theodore and Captain Star's rival is Captain Zero, who has 5 Tugs called Zorron, Captain Zero's first Harbour Tug, Zed, Captain Zero's second Harbour Tug, Zak, Captain Zero's third Harbour Tug, Zug, Captain Zero's first Switcher and Zip, Captain Zero's second Switcher and with Rednose often.


  • "Sunshine"
  • "Pirate"
  • "Trapped"
  • "Ghosts" (Also reffered to as Ghost Fleet)
  • "Jinxed" (Also reffered to as The Unlucky Tug)
  • "Quarantine" (Also reffered to as AJ's Bad Day)
  • "Up River"
  • "4th of July"(Also reffered to as Regatta)
  • "High Tide"
  • "Munitions"
  • "Warrior" (Also referrred to as Warriors Longest Day)
  • "Bigg City Freeze"



  • Ringo Starr - Bertie
  • Phill Lollar - Big Jack
  • Aaron Albertus - Theodore
  • Sam Gold - AJ/Hercules
  • Lorelei King - Sunshine/Millie Lightship/Jenny Seaplane/Pearl/Francine/Eleonor
  • Rob Paulsen - Antione
  • Sean Barret - Warrior
  • Michael Angelis - Captain Star
  • Neil Crone - Zorron/Zed/Zip
  • Kevin Frank - Zak/Zug
  • Jim Cummings - Captain Zero


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