Spoilers: Bertram is a plot point in Pirates.


AKA: Chuu trickster (Manfred), Shinou

Age: born in year 3

Looks: bluegreen eyes, green-blond hair, looks like Wolfram

Character: adores his Chichiue Wolfram (Chuu)

Skills: extraordinarily powerful fire healer maryoku

Family: Adopted as a newborn by Wolfram and Yuuri - their only full Mazoku child. Bertram was the natural son of Manfred von Bielenfeld and Dierdre Zarelle, the sister of Efram's mother, Professor Dionne Zarelle. So Bertram is half brother, first cousin, and nephew to Efram. In early childhood, Bertram's foster sister Frieda von Gratz is a constant nursery-mate, but she'll quickly outgrow him. And he won't remember when his sister Greta used to live with him.

Bertram is a von Bielenfeld, not a Shibuya. He is Wolfram's legal heir, thus eventual heir to Manfred's MvB Plantation, and on the succession for the domain of Bielenfeld. Thus Manfred's third illegitimate son ended up with quite high Aristocratic rank, irrespective of Yuuri being Maou.

Bertram is the reincarnation of Shinou, though Wolfram chooses not to acknowledge this. Fiercely jealous of his beloved Chichiue Wolfram, there's some question whether Bertram (Shinou) is responsible for Maou Wedding Curse. Bertram and Yuuri love each other - but nobody stands between Bertram and his Chuu!

Bertram and Gwendal's son Grendel are close, but Bertram is formally cross-fostered with Avram von Bielenfeld (GoT), Manfred and Aldrich's son. So in practice, all three are likely to be close partners.

Stories: major parts in The Pirate Wedding, Wolfram Takes a Break, minor in Yuuri's Hot Date, The Trouble with Trolls, The Ghosts of Trondheim

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