Best Dressed Tug is a TUGS parody of the Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends episode "Best Dressed Engine".


It was May Day in Bigg City Harbor, and the dock was being decorated. The tugs could be decorated too if they wanted. Sunshine said he was going to have flags and streamers and Ten Cents said he was going to have a big red banner. When Scuttlebutt Pete asked Big Mac what decorations he was going to have, Big Mac said decorations weren't dignified for him.

Big Mac felt like the others were being silly. Ten Cents was enjoying himself, as he was bringing the maple. He blew his whistle as he passed some schooners.

Soon, it was time for the tugs to be decorated. Sunshine had streamers and flags on his stack, Ten Cents had a big red banner on his front fender, and even Scuttlebutt Pete was being decorated, although he was very shy about it. Top Hat suggested that they have a best dressed tug contest. Big Mac came in and said that he's bound to win any contest, but Top Hat said that he'd have to be decorated because it was a best dressed tug contest. Big Mac then said that they would never catch him looking ridiculous.

Soon, the others felt splendid. But Big Mac was cross. He said that decorations aren't dignified and said he didn't care about the contest. A colorful banner was hanging on a crane, but it came loose and wrapped around Big Mac's face. Big Mac couldn't see what was ahead. He tried to get it off by shaking his head, but it didn't go. He couldn't stop because his job was important.

Somewhere ahead, The Goods Engine was slowly puffing over a low bridge with some apples for the apple bob. He heard Big Mac's whistle and went as fast as he could, but it wasn't fate enough, because Big Mac accidentally broke the bridge, and all the apples fell into the water.

Soon, it was time for the contest. Top Hat was the last one to join it, or so he thought, because as he arrived, Big Mac came in, with the banner off his eyes. Ten Cents teased him by saying they didn't think he wanted to be decorated. Big Mac said he didn't and Top hat told him that he's definitely the best dressed tug, and the others agreed. Big Mac was secretly impressed, but he didn't think it was dignified to say so.

Cast (in order of appearances)

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