Best Friends - Pierce Brosnan (US) is a fan-fiction thing to make. It was created by Pikachufreak. This episode appears on the Shining Time Station episode:


  • Pierce Brosnan: Thomas and Percy are best friends. They tell each other everything. They even have a "best friends" whistle. It was a busy day at the quarry. Thomas and Percy were working together. Together Thomas and Percy happily tooted their best friends whistle.
  • Thomas: My favorite days are when we work together.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Then Neville arrived to collect some freight cars. He was excited.
  • Neville: The brass band is arriving at Brendam docks.
  • Thomas: Hooray. I like the brass band.
  • Percy: So do I, but I'm never asked to pull them.
  • Thomas: If you go to the wash down now, you'll soon be as shiny as a trumpet. Then maybe Sir Topham Hatt will ask you to collect them.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Percy was excited.
  • Percy: Thank you, Thomas.
  • Pierce Brosnan: The two engines tooted their best friends whistle, and Percy puffed happily away. Later, Sir Topham Hatt arrived. He was in a hurry.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, you are to pick up the brass band from the docks, and don't forget to have a wash down, thank you.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Thomas was worried. He knew Percy wanted to pick up the brass band, but he didn't know how to tell Percy that Sir Topham Hatt had asked him to do it. Then Thomas saw Percy puffing back to the quarry.
  • Percy: Look at me, Thomas. I'm as shiny as a trumpet.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Thomas didn't know what to say. He didn't want to upset his best friend.
  • Percy: Sir Topham Hatt's sure to choose me now.
  • Pierce Brosnan: This made Thomas feel even worse. He puffed quickly away.
  • Percy: Where are you going, Thomas?
  • Thomas: I have another job.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Percy tooted his best friends whistle. But Thomas couldn't toot back. Thomas was enjoying his wash down. Then he saw Percy in the distance. Thomas still didn't know how to tell Percy about the special, so he hid. Percy puffed past. He didn't see Thomas. Thomas was relieved. He chuffed out of the shed. He raced away to collect Annie and Clarabel. Then Thomas saw Percy again.
  • Thomas: I still don't know how to tell Percy about the brass band.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Thought Thomas. So he took a different track to the docks. Thomas knew it would take him longer.
  • Thomas: I must hurry; I don't want to be late.
  • Pierce Brosnan: He thought to himself. Later, Thomas was steaming along.
  • Thomas: Cinders and ashes, there's Percy again.
  • Pierce Brosnan: He was sure Percy was going to see him this time, so Thomas hid behind Duck. Percy puffed past. He didn't see Thomas hiding behind Duck's long line of freight cars.
  • Thomas: Thank you, Duck.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Duck looked puzzled. Thomas steamed on to the docks as fast as his pistons would pump. Thomas was late for the brass band. They were waiting on the dockside.
  • Thomas: All aboard.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Then he saw some mail cars. He knew Percy would soon come to collect them.
  • Thomas: Hurry up.
  • Pierce Brosnan: The band hurried, but the trumpet player had left his trumpet behind right at the end of the dockside. So Thomas had to wait. Just then, Percy arrived.
  • Percy: Hello, Thomas.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Percy saw that Thomas was collecting the brass band. He was very upset.
  • Percy: Why didn't you tell me, Thomas? I tell you everything.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Thomas felt terrible. He tooted his best friends whistle. But Percy didn't whistle back. Thomas felt worse than ever. He puffed out of the docks with the brass band. Thomas arrived at Great Waterton. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting to welcome the brass band. Thomas still felt very unhappy. He had let his best friend down.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Thomas, you must come back at the end of the concert to pick up the brass band.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Then an idea flew into Thomas' funnel.
  • Thomas: Sir, can Percy pick up the band? Percy is delivering the mail. If I pull Percy's mail cars, then could he pick up the band?
  • Pierce Brosnan: Sir Topham Hatt agreed. So Annie and Clarabel were uncoupled, and Thomas steamed off to find his best friend. Now Thomas really wanted to find Percy. But Percy was nowhere to be found. Thomas was worried. The concert would finish soon, and the band would be waiting. Then Thomas saw Percy. He was waiting at a signal.
  • Thomas: I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was picking up the band.
  • Percy: I'm busy; I have to pull the mail.
  • Thomas: I have something to tell you. I'll pull the mail for you. Then you can go and pick up the brass band and take them to the docks.
  • Pierce Brosnan: Percy beamed from buffer to buffer.
  • Percy: Thank you, Thomas.
  • Pierce Brosnan: He was very excited. Thomas buffered up to Percy's mail cars and quickly pulled away. He was pleased to help his best friend. Percy steamed off to pick up Annie and Clarabel. He couldn't wait to collect the brass band. Later, Thomas puffed into Great Waterton. Percy was waiting for the band.
  • Thomas: You are my best friend, Percy. From now on, I will always tell you everything.
  • Pierce Brosnan: And they tooted their best friends whistle for everyone to hear.

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