The Best of Michael Angelis is a fan-fiction UK DVD release featuring one episode each from Seasons 3-16.


  1. A Scarf for Percy
  2. Fish
  3. Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach
  4. A Friend in Need
  5. Gordon and Spencer
  6. Edward the Great
  7. Thomas Tries His Best
  8. Thomas and Skarloey's Big Day Out
  9. Gordon and the Engineer
  10. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  11. Tickled Pink
  12. Being Percy
  13. Stop That Bus
  14. Percy and the Calliope

Bonus Features

  • Tribute to Michael Angelis music Video (Song: Say Goodbye by S Club 7)


  • "A Scarf for Percy" and "Fish" are in their original format and A Scarf for Percy has the original UK narration making it the only DVD to feature an original narration.

Front Cover

  • A photo of Michael Angelis himself

Back Cover

  • Thomas from "Trust Thomas"
  • Thomas and Percy from "Best Friends"
  • Thomas and Gordon from "Express Coming Through"

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