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First star found to have a circumstellar disk and the source of most interstellar meteorites in the Solar System and the nearest star with a planet that has been visually detected (61 ly). Contains the youngest known exo-planet, which shows that Jupiter-like planets can form much quicker than previously believed. It is the closest-in exoplanet photographed and is at 8 AU and 7-11 Jupiter Masses and orbits in 20 years. This planet was first hinted at by studying dust disks in 2003 and first photographed in 2003, but it was not confirmed and was lost. It was imaged again in 2008, and became the first imaged exoplanet confirmed to move around its star in 2010. It has an effective temperature of 1,100 to 1,700C, showing that it is still warm and has retained much of its heat from its formation. Evidence of a planetary transit in 1981 was found in record. It was originally thought that a second planet must have caused a tilt in one of the disks, but now it known that the first planet is. Some data suggests the planet is unusually wide, perhaps evidence of a ring system around it. The planet is traveling through a relatively dust-free gap in the debris disk, and thought to be clearing it. The planet is losing momentum as it travels through the debris disk.

Beta Pictoris System Web Pages

Beta Pictoris System In the News

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Source of Most of Solar System's Interstellar Dust (2000)

Found to be a Delta Scuti Variable Star (2003)

Inner Ring Found, Suggests Planetary System (2003)

Planet b Imaged, but unconfirmed and then lost (2003)

Silicate Ring Discovered (Oct 2004)

Japanese astronomers discover a third ring around Beta Pictoris, hinting at the existance of a planet.

Formation of Carbon Planets Speculated (2006)

Second Dust Disk Discovered (2006)

3 Possible Planets From Disk Morphology (2007)

Mini-Planet Embros Detected (Oct 2007)

Planet Visually Detected (Nov 2008)

Transit Detected from 1981 (2009)

Planet's Movement Confirmed (2010)

Mass and Temperature of Planet Taken (2011)

Feature Article on Imaged Planets (2011)

See Imaged Exoplanets for more systems

Planet B Responsible for Tilt in Disk, Not Another Planet (2011)

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