Here are characters from the Beth! series.

Female Charcters

Beth-The main character of the series. She is obsessed with Barney and has tantrums if things don't get her way.

Gianna-Beth's best friend. She taught Beth how to calm down if she has tantrums. She sometimes has tantrums if things don't get her way, like Beth does, but often gets calmed down by Beth.

Kami-She is obsessed with My Little Pony and has the same problem as Beth:she throws tantrums if things don't get her way.

Angela-One of Kami's friends. She is loyal to Kami and helps out a lot.

Sarah-One of Kami's friends. She is interested in research.

Jill-One of Gianna's friends. She is often kind to her friends.

Sarah in Beth!


Angela in Beth!






Male Characters

Trey-Gianna's other best friend. He is smart but does not know much about science.

Darnell-One of Beth's friends. Darnell is a duck. He is kind and loyal to Beth.

Nick-One of Kami's friends. He is often generous and helpful to others.

If you're looking for pictures of Trey, Jill, and Darnell, I couldn't find them. Sorry.

Nick in Beth!


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