Better Work Conditions for Better Teaching would seem fairly self-evident; however, in the TESOL world one may only propose academic solutions to teaching problems. Thus, issues like job security and fraudulent employers are left out of the discourse when talking about how to better teach English.

Institutional problems are the main cause of classroom problems: classes sizes are big so the school can make more money, proper textbooks are not bought to save the school money, not enough teachers are hired etc...

It is generally understood that in Japan, English clasees in public schools are overcrowded so that students are forced to go to private language schools to learn English which helps the private education sector to grow.

In North America, attacks on teachers unions such as abolishing the right to strike in British Columbia are central at weakening the public school system and its ability to properly teach ESL students English. Thus, they are also forced to go to private tutoring schools to learn what they should be learning in the public school.

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