Betty Hawkins is the rival of Sophia Winterford, the lover of Kenneth Jamal, the older sister of Sandra Hawkins, the worst nightmare of Jacob Howard and the love interest of Bash Johnson appearing in Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes. Voiced by Janyse Jaud, she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. In Stereotypes, her outfit is composed of: a light red long sleeved shirt, blue skirt, black pantyhose and pink dress shoes. In College, her outfit is composed of: a pastel purple short sleeved shirt, yellow skirt, pink pantyhose and black flats. At her age, she is 13-16 years old.


  • Dylan and Max Hawkins (Parents)
  • Sandra Hawkins (Younger Sister)
  • Bash Johnson (Love Interest)
  • Sophia Winterford (Rival)
  • Jacob Howard (Biggest Fanatic)


  1.  Liking for Bash
  2.  Being queen bee
  3.  Remembering Kenneth


  1.  Her fight with Sophia
  2.  Getting busted
  3.  Losing her focus


  1. She is a Queen Bee Stereotype
  2. Her friends are Lorry Coutts and Mackenzie Lloyd
  3. She is mean and cruel
  4. Everyone knows that she's a popular student
  5. Her counterpart is Massie Block
  6. She is revealed to be a grand girl

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