Hot Chop Cheese Drop Soup in a Pot with No Top


  1. Take top off pot.
  2. Drop one very, very, very, very, very, very big piece of cheese in the pot with no top.
  3. Drop chop in the pot with no top.
  4. Cook for 3 hours in the pot with no top.

Words: Cheese, Chop, Pot, Top

Beef in a Sheet with No Beans or Greens


  1. Put beef in a sheet.
  2. Throw away the beets.
  3. Throw away the greens.
  4. Put beef in the tureen.
  5. Bake for three seconds.

Words: Beef, Beets, Greens, Sheet, Tureen

Tackled and Paddled Hamburger Patty


  1. Put on the hard hat.
  2. Tackle the hamburger.
  3. Paddle the hamburger until it is flat.
  4. Put flat hamburger patty in a pan and cook for half an hour.

Words: Hamburger, Hard hat, Paddle

Squished Fish on a Dish


  1. Squish the fish.
  2. Put the squished fish on the dish.
  3. Cook the squished fish on a dish for one hour, until it is brownish.

Words: Dish, Fish

Slammed and Rammed Ham With No Yam or Clam


  1. Get rid of the yam and clam.
  2. Slam the ham.
  3. Ram the ham.
  4. Cook the slammed and rammed ham for 10 minutes.

Words: Clam, Ham, Yam

Rubbed and Hugged Mutton In a Buttered Tub


  1. Drop butter in the tub.
  2. Rub the mutton.
  3. Hug the mutton.
  4. Drop the rubbed and hugged mutton in the buttered tub.
  5. Bake for 8 hours.

Words: Butter, Mutton, Tub

Tickled and Pickled Ribs


  1. Put on bib.
  2. Pick up the stick.
  3. Tickle the ribs with the stick.
  4. Pickle the ribs for 24 hours.

Words: Bib, Ribs, Stick

Peppered Tenderloin in a Kettle with No Melons and No Egg


  1. Get rid of the melons and the egg.
  2. Pepper the tenderloin.
  3. Put the peppered tenderloin in a kettle.
  4. Cook for 10 hours.

Words: Egg, Melon, Kettle, Pepper, Tenderloin

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