• Theo (from Between the Lions) as Count von Count
  • Walter and Clay Pigeon (from Between the Lions) as Pipe Organ


Theo: Ah, hello. Ha, ha. It is I, Theo. Yes, Theo. Do you know why they called me Theo? Because I love to play the organ. Ah, ah. Just kidding. No, they called me Theo because I love to count things like this organ. I will count it. Ha, ha. 1, 1 organ. Yes. Ah, ah, ah. Now this organ will help us to find the number of the day. But first, I must warm up. There. Yes, that ought to be do it. No, not yet. Mm hmm. Good, now finally, uh...but then again, uh...ahh, now here it is. This is it. Ha, ha. Presenting the number of the day! Is it 1?

Walter Pigeon: 1.

Theo: No? Is it 2?

Clay Pigeon: 2.

(The number 2 flies onscreen as balloons and confetti came floating down.)

Theo: Yes, yes! It's 2! 2! Ha, ha! And now for your number pleasure, 2 tubas in tutus tap-dancing for you. Oh, lovely. Nice sweet outfits, yes. Ha, ha. Two tubas for you. Two.