Biana is a characters female second protagonist as Diana´s new friends and her say likes as friends enter relationship enter Diana and Bolts and her boyfriends Trip enter moment Diana´s friends presents (current) and her jealous by crazy Oz enter Dorothy and Diana angry by Dorothy and Scarecrow´s last friends and Biana as Diana´s friends presents enter friendship and her loves as other episode friends present, her return visit to Diana´s mother by Melissa is a birthday for Melissa as visit party.


Diana, Bolts, Lennie, and Jenny (Lennie´s girlfriends) Biana and Diana as become good friends and all good friends enter friendship is Diana, Bolts, Lennie and Jenny together Biana is a friendship enter them and her boyfriends and her friends Diana with Biana kiss to Bolts and Trip enter relationship engagement and Biana with Diana together friends enter other episode friends present. In As Gets This that Diana together Biana as good friends enter friendship. In Lennie Cool that her and friends funny likes as cool and say likes style and speak by Lennie Cool. In Skipper Action and Lennie Young that Biana together Diana and Bolts and until arrive Melissa´s house welcome to Lennie and Jenny.

Trip Biana and Trip as boyfriends present as Diana and Bolts as boyfriends presents enter relationship and become Biana´s boyfriends presents and her likes Trip. In As Gets This that Biana together Trip as good boyfriends enter relationship. In Aniversary Weddings´s Day that her kiss to Trip as back boyfriends.

Margaret (Penny) her and Margaret as friends currents and her funny.

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