Bib Fortuna was Jabba the Hutt's servant. He watched as Jabba would take girls for himself. Bib Fortuna was never given a girl to enjoy. Instead, his master made him do all the dirty work: making sure the girls were beautiful enough for their new master. He would watch as they would be stripped naked and be made to wear very revealing clothing. This was his job. All he saw was his master having these girls to himself. Every girl he saw, brought him one step closer to hating Jabba the Hutt for his wealth to buy these slave girls.

One day, he was overheard by one of the girls he found for Jabba. He was talking to a guard about Jabba having all the fun with his gifts for his master to enjoy and how he was never giving a chance to feel the same skin of these girls. "I could'nt help overhearing your conversation, sir". I'm nothing but a slave since you bought me for your master, who you seem to please but hate at the same time". "Yes", said Fotuna. "I find some of the most desireable girls in the galaxy for him and am given nothing in return". "Are you not giving money?", asked the slave girl. "It all depends on the girls I bring to him. If he is very pleased, I will be given a nice sum of 1,000." Fortuna though about this for awhile. He was only giving this amount 3 times in the last 10 months. "Jabba,, said Fortuna, sometimes will not pay me if he is not immediately turned on by the girl," The slave girl asked what the lowest price he was payed, knowing she may have asked a humiliating question and be beaten for it. "200, was the lowest price and the travel for me to find this fine girl for Jabba took many weeks and spent alot of my money". Bib Fortuna had sometimes contemplated leaving his master for another planet but knew he would not have the luxury he enjoyed in Jabba's palace: a high place near Jabba and authority over his slave girls.


The slave girl who asked this was name Jess. She was captured by Fortuna. Her blonde hair and thin body made Jabba very pleased, not enough to pay Fortuna enough for the trouble he went to in finding this sought after girl. "You bought me a few days ago, may I ask how much Jabba had giving you?" Fortuna said firmly, "As a slave girl you have no rights and should not be asking such question. Maybe I should tell Jabba of your questioning the one who found you!" "Fine", said Jess. "I would rather be thrown into the rancor pit". Fortuna said, "But I won't. Instead you can help me to get back at Jabba and I will bring you back where I found you and give you 300 of my own money to leave this planet for another". She thanked him and offered herself to him but he could do no such thing due to her kindness. For that she said, "Would you like to get back at your master and make him feel really sick?" Fortuna pondered this and said, "what do you mean by 'make him feel really sick'". Jess said, "Obviously the Hutt like Human females" Maybe you should bring him a man?" Bid Fortuna was stunned and asked, "How can I pull that trick off on the most cunning creature on this or any planet in the galaxy, he will surely see through it?" Jess replied, "I've heard that Hutt creatures are neither male or female orientated, it's who they first see which makes them heterosexual or homsexual. Bring him a man and he may just turn the other way". Fortuna replied, "Where are these men at?" She said, "There is a gay bar only 300 miles south of this palace, go there many willing men would love to be a slave to such a wealthy creature".

The next day Bid Fortuna set out for this bar. In it he found all types of gay men. He asked the bartender who is the most submissive gay man in the entire joint. "Over there, the man with the tight short pants and no shirt, he is the one you want". Bid Fortuna went over to this gay man and was immediately offered some service. "No", said Fortuna. "I was sent here by Jabba the Hutt to buy you and take you back. "Oh" said the man. "How much is that creature willing to pay for me, the best gay lover on this planet?" "2000", Fortuna replied. "Plus a place on his throne were you will be assured pleasure." I've never had that much money and have had to work for it so hard, many times through pimps who take seventy five percent. "Than will you come with me. Take the 2000, plus 500 more upon you arrival?" The man thought it over and said, "Yes"

The next day, he and Fortuna left for Jabba's palace. "Is the great Jabba the Hutt a lover of men?" Fortuna knew he had to lie. "Yes. He has had many slave boys." This excited the gay man who immediately became aroused. Upon entering Jabba's massive palace, Fortuna saw Jess and gave her the 300 he promised her and help the gates open long enough for her to escape. He a guard handcuff the now slave boy and brought into a room. In there he was stripped of all his clothing, and made to wear only a collar and a thong. "Bring him to Jabba at once", said Fortuna. He looked from afar as Jabba was stunned by this newest type of slave. A man. Jabba immediately said, "Bring this man to me." Jabba licked the mans chest with his slime ridding tongue and placed his on his throne. Having seen Jabba do this with females, Fortuna knew Jabba had turned the other way.

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