Bib Fortuna had turned his master Jabba the Hutt to having men as his sex slaves. He watched as Jabb a leered at the man. "Come to me." Jabba said to the man. "You will make a fine slave. You have a nice body. Guards bring him to the jail and change him." This man was brought to a jail cell where he was forced to undress. He was shaven of all his hair. He was given a thong for men and a collar to put on. "Come with me", the guard said. He was led back into the throne room. "What is your bidding master" Fortuna said. "Bring the slave boy to me" He took a hold of the mans collar and put him onto Jabba's throne. "I own you now. Obey me slave" The man was aroused by the forcefulness of Jabba.

Jabba's tail, which was also his penis became erect. "Lick me clean slave" The man moved slowly to his tail. "Your so big" He took his penis into his mouth. "Jabba was pleased and let out a moan as he shot his load all over the new slave. Jabba had his slave lay by his side.

Jabba denied his new slave from having a orgasm of his own. The slave boy begged Jabba saying, "I'm so horny for you" Jabba said " You are a slave. And here for my pleasure." The mans penis became as he laid there. "Do not touch yourself, slave" "Master, please, I'm so hard" Jabba waited several hours. "Come to me slave" He slowly went over to Jabba. "Take off your thong slave". He did. His penis was erect. Jabba stroked it. His slave groaned in ectasy from Jabba's slimy hands. "Oh yes, master" Jabba pulled on his slave collar. "Hold your orgasm or I will punish you" "Please don't deny me. I want to " Jabba denied his slave of an orgasm. Finally, Jabba took his tongue and licked his slaves penis. "Yes master. Yes." His slave shot his cum into Jabba's mouth.

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