Big Bad Beetleborg is an upcoming Japanese anime series that is stating to air in February 2012 based on the series of the same name. The show will air in Cartoon Network. All of the characters are animated with cel animation parodying Japanese animation while the Beetleborgs, Boogey during his transformations and spells and the villains are animated with computer animation that rotoscopes Japanese tokatsu characters.


Three "typical average kids" (Drew, Rolando and Joey) went inside a haunted mansion and had freed a prisoned ghost named Boogey and granted them the wish. There wish was to become their favorite cartoon characters; the Beetleborgs, but once the wish granted, the villains also come out from the stript too.


  • Drew: A Caucasian boy who possesses the Blue Beetle. Voiced by Jason Ritter.
  • Rolando: An African-American boy who possesses the Green Beetle. Voiced by Scott Menville.
  • Joey: A Latino girl who possesses the Red Beetle. Voiced by Kari Wahlgren.
  • Boogey: A phantasm who was prisoned in the haunted mansion, in which his appearance is based on Elvis Presley. Voiced by Donald Grover (credited as Childish Gambino).
  • ElKingzoo: The main antagonist of the Beetleborg comic strips who was later coming to life because of the wish. Voiced by

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