• Grover as Peter
  • Big Bird as Brian
  • Elmo as Chris
  • Announcer
  • Meg, Joe, Glenn, Cleveland, Jaspar, and Homer Simpson as Quarantiners
  • Aloysius Snuffleupagus as Vinny
  • Bert as Moe Syzslak 
  • Ernie as Ned Flanders 
  • Count von Count as Sideshow Bob
  • Cookie Monster as Barney Gumble

[Brian is walking down the street, holding his stomach and looking pale.]

Brian: Oh... I feel like I'm gonna blow chunks of puppy chow!

[Brian vomits all over the steps, then collapses. Chris appears.]

Chris: Oh no, Brian has the dog flu!

[Quarantiners rush over to Brian. Peter now appears.]

Peter: The Word of the Day is Quarantine. Q-U-A-R-A-N-T-I-N-E. Quarantine.

[In the hospital, Brian is lying in bed. Doctors are examining him.]

Brian:  Vinny... is that you?

Meg: Oh, he must be hallucinating.

Vinny: Hi, Brian. I'm so sorry you're sick.

Brian: I'm scared, Vinny. Thank God you can't get it since you're not real.

[Brian then dies.]

Vinny: Yeah, thank G-.

[Vinny dies, then disappears.]

Sideshow Bob: [handing out vaccines to everyone] One vaccine, a-hah-hah! Two vaccines, a-hah-hah!

[Barney eats the vaccine that Sideshow Bob gives to him]

[The show cuts to a separate bit]

Kids: One of these kids is not like the others. One of these kids is dead!

Announcer: Today's episode brought to you by the letter C.D.C.

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