Big Bird and the Magic Street is a Sesame Street/Thomas and the Magic Railroad parody movie


  • Big Bird as Thomas
  • Telly Monster as Henry
  • Cookie Monster as Gordon
  • Bert as James
  • Elmo as Percy (Percy and Elmo are both young)
  • Grover as Toby
  • Baby Bear as Bertie
  • Hero Guy as Harold
  • Frazzle as Diesel 10
  • Sam as Splatter
  • Sid as Dodge
  • Gabi as Annie
  • Lexine as Clarabel
  • Ruby Monster as Lady
  • Thomas as Mr Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Gordon as Billy Twofethers
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • Percy as Patch
  • Henry as Burnett Stone
  • Lady as Lily
  • Mavis as Lily's Mom
  • James as Junior
  • Gremlin as Mutt
  • Diesel as P.T. Boomer


Big Bird and his friends have to run Sesame Street while Mayor is on holiday. Frazzle, along with Sam and Sid, wants to kill Ruby Monster. Now, it's up to Big Bird, Thomas, Henry, and Lady to defet Frazzle and save Ruby Monster and the magic Street.


Big Bird: Oh Thomas! are you alright?

Thomas: Yes Big Bird but somethings happen all at once. I have to see the mayor of Sesame Street to get my orders right away, the journey from Sodor keeps getting bumpier and bumpier

Big Bird: Does it?

Thomas: *Blows gold dust whistle*

Big Bird: Frazzle is back Thomas, you better becarful.

Thomas: The mayor of Sesame Street warned me about Frazzle, don't worry Big Bird, I'll just pop in with my sparkle wherever he goes to keep me in order, I hope.

Frazzle: Old mic Frazzle had a plan Yeh he he he he! With a pinch pinch here and a pinch pinch there, here pinch there pinch everywhere a pinch pinch *Laugh* I craked myself up!

Quote 2

Frazzle: Hello Puffball, I have a plan and your in it!

Thomas: You can't catch me Frazzle! *Blows whistle* *Blows again*

Frazzle: Hahahahaha Losing your sparkle eh? hahaha what perfect timing! Now where is that lost muppet?

Thomas: You won't find her here!

Frazzle: Your not clever enough to stop me!

Thomas: Oh yes I am!

Frazzle: No your not! eh WHAT IT THAT?!?!?!?!?!?

Thomas: That's e sugar Frazzle, and when I throw this into you it'll sees you up for good.

Frazzle: Grrrr make the most of tonight Puffball, because you won't like tomorrow! and I'm gonna put you all in big flufballs, Shut up pinchy!

Quote 3

Baby Bear: Smile you all it's a sunny day!

Bert: It's not sunny because Thomas is not at the windmill! I've looked!

Big Bird: I sense his aparkle's all gone.

Telly Monster: My brain doesn't feel sunny it feels stupid!

Cookie Monster: Nasty fumes from Dingy Theif.

Telly Monster: A theif is after the lost muppet!

Grover: And if he finds her, I fear that will destroy us all.

Cookie Monster: WHAT?!?!?! EVEN A MONSTER AS STRONG AS ME?!?!?!?!?!?

Grover: Yes Cookie Monster even you!

Bird Bird: ACHOO!!!!!

Bert: Say it don't spray it Big Bird.

Big Bird: I still got sneezing powder inside me, now I'm going to look for Thomas.

Grover: Let us get back to work, that's what he'd want.

Baby Bear: How about a race Big Bird!

Big Bird: Sorry Baby Bear, I can't today, I have to be useful and solve some mystories instead.

Baby Bear: I guess that means I win, perhaps another day!

Quote 4


Sam: No no do it yourself!

Sid: We don't like you!

Sam: Yeah me eather.

Sid: Infact uh

Sam: What's the name?

Sid: I have no idea

Sam: It's a good word.

Big Bird: Run Ruby Monster! Quickly and I'm going to help you!

Henry: So am I Ruby Monster, I'll not let you down again.

Frazzle: Ah who needs you Sleaze Brothers!

Taking off

Thomas: Watch out for the viaduct it's dangerous!

Big Bird and Ruby Monster escaping

Thomas and James watching them leave

Frazzle: Hahahahaha

Thomas: AAAHHH!!!!!!

James: What's the matter?

Thomas: Ruby Monster! that muppet's name is Ruby Monster! She's part of the clue to the sourse of the...


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