Big Hero 6 is a musical comedy adventure film. A Walt Disney Pictures production, the film is a live-action remake of Disney's Big Hero 6. The music is rewritten by Alan Menken. The Song Music is written by Menken and Tim Rice.




  1. "Prolouge: This is Me (To the tune of MicroBot Ceremony)" - Stanley Tucci. Music by Tim Rice
  2. "Wrestling Song" - Tucci, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Kline. Music by Alan Menken and Tim Rice.
  3. "Nerd School Song" - Tucci and Kline. Music by Alan Menken and Tim Rice.
  4. "MicroBot Ceremony" - Tucci, Emma WatsonMaya RudolphIan McKellenDan StevensLuke Evans, Kline, Josh Gad and Emma Thompson. Music by Tim Rice.
  5. "The Baymax Song" - Tucci and Ewan McGregor. Music by Tim Rice
  6. "You are Dead (Reprise of MicroBot Ceremony)" - Evans. Music by Alan Menken
  7. "Welcome to my Masion" - McKellen. Music by Alan Menken and Tim Rice.
  8. "Flying" - McGregor and Tucci. Music by Tim Rice.
  9. "Hello" - Kline. Music by Alan Menken.
  10. "Epilouge: MicroBot Ceremony, The Baymax Song and Flying" - Tim Rice

Villains' Defeats

  • Alistair: Gets defeated by Baymax before he and Hiro get sucked into the portal and dies in a fire.
  • Tadashi: Runs far into the school and is seen as a shadow. He falls into a fire and gets crushed by a heap of the School.
  • Yokai: Gets unmasked by Baymax who steals his mask and turns into Robert Callaghan's body.
  • Robert Callaghan: During Hiro and Robert's final fight, Robert looses his balance and falls into a fire, is bunt and dies.

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