• Big Mac as Emma Goodall
  • OJ as Mike Haggar
  • Lord Stinker as Troy Burrow
  • Bluenose as Barney (Bluenose and Barney both have names begin with B)
  • Guysbrough (from Thodore Tugboat) as Lee Chaolan
  • Warrior as Gia Moran
  • Digby (from Theodore Tugboat) as Grandma Thora
  • Hercules as Orion
  • Pearl (from Theodore Tugboat) as Doom Imp 1
  • Petra (from Theodore Tugboat) as Doom Imp 2
  • Truro (from Theodore Tugboat) as Mike
  • Nantucket as LadyDevimon
  • Bedford and Blandford [from Theodore Tugboat] as Palmon and Gatomon
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as BJ
  • Carla [from Theodore Tugboat] as Devimon
  • Sigrid [from Theodore Tugboat] as Jake Holling
  • Grampus as Guy
  • Zorran as SkullGreymon
  • Johnny Cuba as Battlelord

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