• Former Residents: Hana Hatfield.
  • Visitors: NA
  • OOC Contact: Wizards


A Caern of Wisdom, located in central Montana. About an hour's drive north of Billings, with a distinct slant towards wildnerness tribes, though there is a small enclave of Glass Walkers in the city that is loosely considered part of the Sept. The members of this Sept are far flung across the state, gathering for moots and important business, and as such it is popular among Striders, with one of their number being the current Alpha. A group of moderate Talons, and conservative Children of Gaia make up the bulk of the Sept, with a smattering of other tribes, lacking only Stargazers and Silver Fangs. This is a small, low powered Caern, that some of the more proud Garou scoff at.

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