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  • Jack Vega as Milo
  • Thomas Harris as Oscar
  • Emily Vega as Bea
  • Luke Sharpio as Albert Glass
  • Josie West as Clamantha
  • Dana Valentine as Shellsea
  • Mr.Payne as Mr.Baldwin
  • Patrick Oliver as Jocktopus
  • Stanley as Coach Salmons
  • Ted Powers as Jumbo Shrimp
  • Principal Helen as Principal Stickler
  • Aysmith Idol as Koi
  • Buddy as Mr.Mussels
  • Alexis Smith as Finberley
  • Kate Oliver as Esmargot
  • Chris Martin as Randy Pincherson
  • Beffy Smith as Piranhica
  • Chris Smith as Bo Gregory
  • Tim William as Steve Jackson
  • Mr.William as Chief
  • Lane as Headphone Joe
  • Timmy Erlon as Dr.Frog
  • Patrick Roger and Marley James as Dan and Ann Chovie
  • Luke Foley as Razor V. Doom
  • Victor, Alexander, and Ty as Pass, Punt, and Fumble
  • Brett Yolando as Hugh Edmonson
  • Jack Vega's Mom as Mrs.Goldfishberg
  • Jack Vega's Dad as Norman Goldfishberg
  • Devin Lopez as Pamela Hamster
  • Sara Kate Orlando as Scabbo
  • Jenny the Goth Girl as Bleak Molly
  • Luke Sharpio's Mom as Bassy
  • Lizard as Geckos
  • 3 Local Students as Students Concil

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