Surname: Ne'era Given Name: Bijou Middle Name: Mil Known Aliases: Sandy, Sarge Occupation: Pilot/Mercenary/Smuggler/Captain Legal status: Single Criminal record: 1 Count of Grand Theft Spaceship 5 Separate Counts of Transporting Contraband 1 Count of Murder 4 Separate Planetary Spaceship Traffic Violations in 3 Separate Planets 13 Counts of Harassing Republic Shipping to Outer-Rim Planets (i.e. Pirating)

Total Time Spent in Prison: 1 Hour

Race: Human Gender: Female Age: Thirties or fourties Place of Birth: The Hope, a transport freighter, en route to Tattooine Place of Residence: Glimmer Former Place(s) of Residence: The Hope Affiliation: None Bounty Licence/Mark Token: No thanks

Possessions: 1 Ship: Glimmer; above average speed transport ship, old and in relatively poor, but running condition, smaller than average, almost fully equipped with blockade-running/evasive gear, tools, and hardware 1 Laser pistol: Cheap, inexpensive, slightly innaccurate 6 GLC's: relics from the Sith Civil War, still in working condition 1 Sith Space/flight suit 2,071 Credits 1 Proton Carbine, purchased


Height: 5'11" Weight: 153 lbs. Eye Colour: Green Hair: Black Other Features: Described by many men to be very womanly, Bijou is a very shapely female. Her hips are wide, and connect to her torso in a typical, much sought-after hourglass shape. Her bust is very large as well, adding to the curvaciousness of her body. However, Bijou Ne'era is tall; much taller than the average female. This is often intimidating for many men. Her physique is muscular and very fit, a throwback to her days as a trained soldier, as well a result of her rather unconventional life.

Bijou's eyes are deep, alluring, emerald-colored. They are rather small and more widely spread apart than normal, although it does not marr her natural beauty and even adds an exotic appeal to her. Her eyes, despite being more round than almond-shaped, have a very oriental appearance to them. Her nose is long, but does not extend outward much, and is turned upward slightly. Her lips are very luscious, and are a naturally redder color. Bijou's face is rather angular, although there are no sharply jutting points. Her cheeks are very high, and her jaw relatively thin. Her hair is neck-length in its longest points; it is silky and as black as the space between the stars.

Clothing: Most of the time, Bijou Mil Ne'era will be found wearing the same things. On the top of her head, pushing most but a few strands of hair back behind her neck, is an old, shabby, and brown leather pilot's cap that can be secured under her chin with an old-style buckle reminiscient of a belt buckle. When out of her ship, she may wear her goggles over her eyes, although usually they will go on top of her head. They cover everything from her forehead down to her eyes. Also when outside her ship, Bijou may wear a facemask that covers her mouth and nose entirely, and, if one looks very closely, looks exactly like an old loyalist gas-mask, styled in the traditional, close-fitting manner.

On her torso, she wears the top part of an old Sith flight-suit, like the kind used during the Sith Civil War; it is heavy, made of a thick, reflective, yet flexible material, and specially shaped for women. It follows her form with general precision, although it is extremely angular. If she wishes to take it off, it is peeled off starting from the line that's located a little left from the middle. The flight-suit is sleeveless, and so over it she wears what remains of a Sith military officer's shirt; she tore off the sleeves halfway and sowed fur onto the collar, the bottoms of the sleeves, the edges of the coat, and the inside of the jacket. The symbol denoting Lieutenant is still visible on the left side of the jacket, although it is very battle-worn.

Her dark red pants are tucked into her knee-length boots, and are rather baggy. On her upper thighs, on each leg, is a strap tied rather tightly. Her sleeves consist of a material wrapped around her arms like a bandage.

Bijou suffered from several injuries during the Sith Civil War. Some of those injuries are gone, wiped away with time. However, some remain. Her hearing is worse in her right ear than her left from a missile that had impacted only feet away, leaving everyone around her dead except for her, because she had been shooting with a durasteel container beside her, which took all the impact of the blow and only whacked into her harmlessly. From a grenade, she lost the feeling in three of her left fingers. On her hip is a scar from when an assassin mistook her for a top-ranking officer, attacked, and would have cut her in half with a vibroblade had it not been for the explosive that had blown up right behind him, killing him instantly but missing her entirely, as his body had blocked all the shrapnel.

Uniform: On occasion, Bijou will wear the full Sith flight-suite, along with the helmet, when she is making in-flight repairs to her ship and must go out in space.

Skills and Talents: 1. Wild, eccentric and unconventional pilot. Was formerly world-class, but has since then lost a great deal of her ability, even while flying Glimmer.

2. Instictual pilot and soldier

3. Average soldier

Personality: Bijou is a seasoned, toughened, but war-weary commander. She is driven and has a commanding presence. She is confident in everything she does, and trusts fully in her abilities, though trusting others takes a little longer. Often, Bijou takes life-threatening risks and shows little care for her own safety. She was shot thirteen times during the war, and carries each of her scars proudly, thus she is not afraid of being shot again. That said, Bijou is extremely, almost unnaturally lucky, and can be expected, one way or another, to survive whatever happens to her. This is both because of her luck, but also because she is very tough and battle-hardened. She knows what needs to be done, and will strive to do it, even if it risks harm to herself. However, she will be reluctant to place anyone around her in unnecessary harm, and anyone in her ship is made to know full well that whatever happens to them was because of their choices, not hers.

Bijou is very extraverted. She is almost never insular, is often sexual, almost never stops to take in the moment, and rarely thinks about her lot in life. She considers the crime that she does cynically; 'someone has to do it'. Bijou is also likely to let life carry her where it will, so long she can keep on living. That said, she enjoys not knowing what will happen next, and not having a definite path in life.

Because of the war, Bijou carries with her a distaste for the Sith, as well as extending that distaste to a general dislike of organizations and authorities which, by their very nature, seperate people and pit them against each other. Despite this, however, her attitude is quite sour toward any Sith Rebels she meets.

Lastly, Bijou enjoys much drinking, socializing, and sex, as well as fighting. By her nature, she enjoys conflict and being in conflict with others. Bijou often acts unhinged and wild, sometimes seeming to border on insanity. However, beneath this exterior she is a meticulous planner, especially when it comes to things such as battles and fights. Many an enemy fell to her blaster by underestimating "The Wild Sandy".

Known Relatives: Harmas Jipjip (cousin) Father: Nissej Vrisoklg Ne'era Mother: Arna Nalim

History: Bijou has a very strange history that possibly affected her very strange character. She was born on The Hope, a transport freighter en route to Tattooine. For all intents and purposes, she was born in Tattooine, although her parents were stow-aways. Her parents, as well as the new-born Bijou, were discovered shortly after her mother gave birth to her, due to her labored screaming.

All three were crammed in an escape pod quickly after the discovery and sent out to die in space when their pod ran out of air to provide them with. However, they were intercepted by a small, undercover Sith cruiser, which picked them up, jailed her parents, quickly killing them soon after, and dropped her off on Tattooine.

She was sold into slavery almost immediately upon arriving on Tattooine. She was sold into the hands of a loving Twi'lek master, who also happened to be a raging pedophile. When Bijou was 12, he made his first advance on her, which she declined. After a brief fight, she had accidentally slashed the side of her master's face with a knife, inflicting a deep wound, and then running away. She ran from mobs for about a month before finding herself in the company of Jawas.

Bijou learned their language, and lived with them until she was 15. However, the experience did not leave her with much. A small Jawa caravan, with her on board, was attacked by sand people. The only one to survive the attack, she was taken prisoner for two months. However, by a stroke of luck, she was able to escape, wrapping herself in the clothes of the sand people to protect herself from the harsh desert climate.

It was two years later, after she had roamed the desert alone, for the most part, that she again met the Sith. At first, they mistook her for a sand person and fired at her. However, Bijou's acclimation to the desert proved useful, and she was able to outmaneuver the Sith again and again, hiding behind rocks or trees in the small oasis they were at. Finally, however, she surrendered, and it was then that the soldiers realized she was a human. They conscripted her into the Sith army as a pilot. Bijou's success as a pilot, which earned her the nickname "Sandy," both after the oasis incident, and after her wild and chaotic, yet effective flying style, allowed her to transfer into the Sith army's special forces. There, she joined a regiment known as the Ground Divers; soldiers who jumped from ships or fighters deep behind enemy lines, using a cube filled with an instantaneously expanding green gel to cushion their fall immediately before impact with the ground. Her success in this field as well soon left her with the rank of Sargeant.

Then, the Sith Civil War happened. Bijou sided with the Loyalists, and for a while, though they could win. But Darth Krell and his forces proved too strong. Eventually, the Loyalists surrendered, one by one, although Bijou fought and fought until she was forced to swear her loyalty. Several months before the death of Krell, therefore, Bijou deserted and wandered around the galaxy, without purpose. It was then that she found Glimmer, abandoned in the same oasis where she'd been attacked by the Sith so many years ago.

It was a stroke of luck. The ship was in near-perfect condition, although it was not the best of ships. It was a transport-class ship, elegant but tough and durable. Thus, Bijou had a ship, and began her new life.

It was not more than a month later, after doing only minor jobs, that Bijou had scored her first major one. Working together, she, along with Adrian Rain and his crew of one, continuously succeeded in raiding Republic shipping in the Outer Rim. The loot allowed Bijou to purchase more than enough fuel for several months, as well as fix several tiny kinks in her ship, as well as replacement parts, not to mention a brand new carbine rifle.

Sample Roleplay:

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Two green eyes looked up, through the window of the cockpit of the small Sith fighter, into the clouds above. The sky was beautiful, even at night. Stars glimmered, and the two moons of the small, insignificant planet shone brightly on the metal shell of the craft.

The explosions made it all the better! The fighter, relegated for this mission to the role of a drop ship, twirled in and out, around and between its flying enemies, breaking formation continuously despite the yells of its squad-members, especially the leader. A blast on the left, a laser on the right, missiles flying all around, exploding if they got close enough. Through clouds, out of clouds. [i]You'll get demoted, Ne'era![/i] Forget him. Faster and faster, nearing the drop zone on the ground. Blast, explosion, silence. The last of her squad went down. She wouldn't get demoted..

Flying upside down, now. The canopy opened, but the harness kept her in place. Air flew in and out, slowing her fighter down, but it was too late anyways. Soon she would be out. The wind flew in her face, but Bijou's goggles and mask made it harmless and relegated it to a status less than 'annoyance'. The craft climbed higher and higher. She was above the clouds. The mask provided her with air when the atmosphere thinned. Autopilot engaged in three... two... Harness off... One... Bijou's rear end left the seat of her fighter and she plummeted to the ground. Her feminine, battle-hardened body straightened. The wind around her was ear-splitting, but every inch of the Sith spec-ops soldier was covered. Through the clouds she dove, picking up more and more speed. Her left hand drew a pistol and straightened again; her right picked up a cube from her utility belt and straightened as well. She fingered the button on the small cube. First mission.

The ground neared and neared, still the soldier dove headfirst. Fighters whizzed past, laser and missiles flew all around. Explosions were heard, sometimes felt; shockwaves occasionally hit her and forced her to readjust. 400 feet. 300.... 200... 100... Cube... button... Click.

Green gel burst out of the cube, expanding as it fell to the ground in front of her. She looked around; no enemies. Then, she turned, falling now with her side, and as the gelatinous substance landed on the ground, so did she land on it, softening her fall by a significant enough figure to where she could still fight. But she was sure she heard a crunch. Her right wrist was broken. Damn...

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