Bikini Bottom Logan is a Spongebob/SuperMarioLogan parody series.


  • Mr. Krabs as Cody (Mr. Krabs and Cody are both smart)
  • Squidward as Joseph (Squidward and Joseph are both partners to Mr. Krabs and Cody)
  • Spongebob as Bowser Junior (Spongebob and Junior are both despised by Squidward and Joseph)
  • Larry as Patrick Coleman
  • Patrick as Toad
  • Sandy as Emily Coleman
  • Mrs. Puff as Joseph's Mom
  • Pearl as Shelia Perkins
  • Gary as Chompy (Gary and Chompy are both Spongebob's and Junior's pets)
  • Plankton as Bowser
  • Karen the Computer as Katy


  • Casa Bonita
  • The Ring

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