Bill/Cars (Douglas/Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends Version) is a Douglas/Ten Cents the Tugboat and Friends parody series.


  • Bill as Lightning McQueen
  • Ben as Mater
  • Henry as Finn McMissile
  • Arthur as Holley Shiftwell
  • Thumper as Francesco Bernoulli
  • Cailtin as Carla Veloso
  • Sir Handel as Professor Z (Sir Handel was rude in Season 4)
  • George as Grem
  • Smudger as Acer
  • Paxton as Tomber
  • Derek as Rod Redline
  • BoCo as Uncle Topolino
  • The Train Show Characters as Other Characters


  • Bill/Cars 1
  • Bill/Cars 2


  • more coming soon

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