Bill and Ben The Tank Engine Twins
Number SCC1 and SCC2
Class Tank Engine Twins
Livery Tank Engine Twins
Line Brendam Branch Line
Built 1901
Affilations Tank Engine Twins

Neutral, later Good

Designers Bagnall Works
Date to Birth October 9, 1901
First Appearance The Diseasel
Voice Actors

Jonathan Broadbent (UK/US)
David Spade and Tom Kenny (UK/US), (All-New Shining Time Station series only)

Bill and Ben are tank engine twins with numbers 1 and 2. They is an Neutral Characters


  • Allies: Thomas (Good Pal Friend), Edward (Father figure), Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Duck, Donald & Douglas, Oliver, BoCo, Daisy, Mavis, Spencer, Stepney, Emily, Salty, Fergus, Sir Topham Hatt, Trevor, Derek, Cranky, Connor, Victor, Kevin, Harvey, Hiro, Rosie, Stephen, Porter, Derek, Timothy (Coworker/Sometimes)
  • Enemies: Diesel, Daisy (formerly), Salty (formerly), Fergus (formerly), Diesel 10, Splatter & Dodge, Bulgy, George, Spencer (formerly), Cranky (formerly), D261, Connor (formerly), Derek (formerly), Porter (sometimes)


Bill and Ben's theme is their Season 2 Theme

Theme (T,J&H Version)

Bill and Ben's T,J&H theme is their Season 2 Theme

Counterparts (Hero Version)

Counterparts (Villain Version)

  • Splatter and Dodge (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)


Major Appearances

Season 2
  • Percy Takes the Plunge (not named)
  • The Diseasel
  • Wrong Road
  • Edward's Exploit (do not speak)
Season 3
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz (do not speak)
  • One Good Turn
  • Heroes
Season 4
  • Thomas and the Special Letter
Season 5
  • Double Teething Troubles
Season 6
  • Salty's Secret
  • No Sleep for Cranky
  • Buffer Bother
Season 7
  • Bill, Ben and Fergus
Season 8
  • Thomas To The Rescue (deleted scene)
Season 9
  • Thomas' New Trucks
  • Bold and Brave (Ben only)
Season 11
  • Hector the Horrid
Season 12
  • Gordon Takes a Shortcut (Ben only)
Season 17
  • Percy's Lucky Day
  • Bill or Ben?
  • Gone Fishing
  • Calling All Engines! (Trying music video cameo)
  • The Great Discovery (do not speak)
  • Tale of the Brave


Season 2
  • Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
Season 3
  • Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  • Oliver Owns Up (Bill or Ben cameo)
Season 6
  • A Bad Day for Harold
Season 10
  • Edward Strikes Out
Season 11
  • Dream On
Season 13
  • Steamy Sodor (Bill only cameo)
Season 17
  • Away From The Sea