TomArmstrong's Spoof Version of "Peter Pan (1953)"


  • Billy Blizzard as Peter Pan
  • Jack Frost as Ticker Belle
  • Emily Rooke as Wendy Darling (Young, Teenager and Adult)
  • Skeleton as John Darling (Child, Young and Teenager)
  • Jordan Rooke as Michael Darling (Baby, Child and Young)
  • Jamie Greenwood as Mr. Darling, Tick-Tock Crocodie
  • Alice Rookes as Mrs. Darling
  • Jordan Rooke as Captain Hook
  • Dale Brown as Mr. Smee
  • the Bash Street Kids as the Pirates
  • the Bash Street Friends as the Lost Animals
  • Bulk as Edward Darling
  • Ogee Rooke as Jane Darling
  • Mr. Bollen as Danny Darling (Newborn and Baby)

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