Bindi Meets Zoboomafoo is Pikachufreak's first Bindi's adventures series. It features Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin, Terri Irwin, Steve Irwin and Wes Mannion (all from Bindi The Jungle Girl). The Irwins will join Zoboomafoo, Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt in their wildest animal adventures. The premiere date for Bindi Meets Zoboomafoo is January 25, 1999.

Minor Guest Stars

  • Aviva Corcovado, Koki and Jimmy Z (all from Wild Kratts)
  • Barney, BJ, Riff, Baby Bop, Julie, Tosha, Min, Maria, Kathy, Hannah, Juan, Kenneth, Shawn, Robert, Jason and Chip (all from Barney and Friends)
  • Zach Varmitech, Dabio, Donita Donata and Gaston Gourmand Tato (all also from Wild Kratts)

Season 1 (1999-2000)

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