Spoilers: Skip the Basics summary and go straight to the story sections if you want to bypass spoilers. A story section says what more you know about Wolfram by the end of that story.

Or whatever the relevant spoiler warning is - for many characters there is none. (Dietrich never affects a plotline...)

Very few characters would use this deluxe treatment (and Jinjyaa probably needs to write those). The idea here was to give a template where you copy/paste the whole thing to a new person, chop out all the irrelevent bits, then fill in what you want. The cross-linking to stories/summaries/categories, you leave in whatever is relevant for this character.


AKA: Nicknames.

Age: age relative to something

Looks: height, colors, unusual features.

Character: what kind of person am I.

Special skills: If any.

Family: Parents, spouse, children, whatever.

Stories: what stories appeared in (there are links below...)

The Bedding of Wolfram

around the time the series ends

  • What happened to me.
  • In this story.
  • How did my life progress.


6 years later


During BoW, and 20 years before

The Pirate Wedding

Two years after BoW and Axel

Wolfram Takes a Break

One year later - three years after BoW and Axel

Yuuri's Hot Date

two years after WTB, fifth year after BoW

The Trouble with Trolls

half year after Date, sixth year after BoW

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