2010Coat of arms of planet earth

Earth Coat of Arms 2010



The Preamble :

“ We, here and now, of & in these Lands, Skies, Waters, Plants, Life Forms and Citizens, of this Good & Honorable Planet, Earth, do solemnly, gather ourselves together, in this, the 2nd Millennium, with the good Intent & Desire, to form,harmonize & bring about a better relationship & understanding between & amongst ourselves, our Fellow Earthlings and our Earths Environment. Towards this endeavor thus, we do by this Act & Testimony, assert & pledge the following:

I. That we will & are establishing Strong & Binding Environmental Justice Measures.

II. That we will & do ensure Proper & Adequate Environmental Tranquility.

III. That we will & do provide for & enforce Environmental Defense, Protection & Conservation.

IV. That we will & do promote the general Welfare, Well Being & Health of the Earths’ Environment, Air, Waters & Life forms.

V. That we will endevour to evolve responsibly and be a source of Global and Local Ecological and Ecozonal Health.

VI. & that we will, are & will continue to secure the Blessings, Benefits & Fruits of Responsible Government & Environmental Stewardship to & for our Airs, Oceans, Lands, Ourselves & towards our Present & Future Prosperity & possibly, if permitted & or requested,further to some degree or other, to & for & beyond the Earth as well.

VII. & in Conclusion we will try to leave the Earth as we found it or improved as we may afford.

All of these things then, we do now thus ordain & establish by & from this Act & Testimony, and give this, now named & to before with known as “THE BIOCRATIC EcoConstitution 2010”, its true & proper effect of such as this, that is born, arisen & made for & to the purpose, use & benefit of & for all Earthlings now & evermore for this our Place , Waters, Skies and Lands, that is this Planet and Globe known as Earth.”

We of Earth, then & thus do hold and keep the Truths & Laws of Nature and do by these, reap &harvest the following as the beneficial, near, dear & defensible fruits, truths and blessings of such :

For, by & with the EARTH, the Elder then:

The Heart :

===We thus do hold & cherish thee, ===


oh Unfathomable Universe, thee oh Glorious Milky Way Galaxy, thee the Twinkling Stars in our Most High Heavens,thee the Steadfast & Bright North Star, thee the Wondrous Solar System and its Majestic Planets i.e. the Womanly Venus, the Manly Mars, etc. thee theYellow & Radiant Sun/Sol of this Blue , Natural & Living Earth/Gaia,

CONTINENTS PORTION the Icy Arctic, Warm Pacific & Cool Atlantic Oceans, the Global Geosphere, The Miraculous Hydrosphere, the Complex Carbon Cycle, the InfiniteBiosphere, the Delicate and Fragile Atmosphere, the Cold North & Frigid South Poles, the Rolling Tides, the Far East, the Cleansing Ozone Layer, theDeep South, the Wild West &the True North, the Colorful Four Seasons, the Healing Rains, the Thunderous Thunder & Jagged Lightening,


the Aura Borealis, the Rugged Canadian Shield, the Royal Rocky Mountains, the Life Giving Great Lakes, the Mighty Peace River,the Great Hudson’sBay, the Noble First Nations Peoples, the Glowing Campfires, the Mysterious Medicine Wheels, the Nimble Canoe, the Vast Tundra, , the Joyful Inuit,the Thick Permafrost, the Unearthly Hoodoos and the Bad Lands, the Enduring Bison, the Mighty Moose, the Scented Pines, the Tall Spruces, theStately Oaks, the Fiery Maples, the Oily Birch trees, the Common Popular trees, the Spicy Junipers, the Towering Red Woods, the Silky Mink, theIndustrious Beaver, the Dexterous Lynx, the Cunning Fox, the Sociable Wolves, the Proud Mountain Lion, the Lonely Loons, the Spirited Wild Horses,the Unpredictable Grizzly Bear, the Solitary Raven, the Comical Black Bear, the Humble Porcupine and Muskrat, the Alaskan King Crab, the PopulousShrimps, the Kindred Killer Whales, the Monstrous Blue Whales, the Soaring Eagles, the Dancing Hawks, the Cooing Doves, the Cheerful Robins, theFaithful Canada Goose, the Varied Ducks, the Playful Gophers, Chipmunks & Squirrels, the Spring Fed Rainbow Trout, the Sardines, the Jack Fish, theWhite Fish, Perch, the Salmon, Tuna Fish, the Cod Fisheries, the Mountain Goats, the Big Horn Sheep, the Ingenious Tipi, the Peace Pipe of theNations,the Heavenly Jasper National Park, the Stately Banff National Park, the Windy Waterton National Park, the Spectacular Vancouver Island,theSteaming Banff, Radium and Nakusp Hot Springs, the Human Alphabet, Natural Numbers, the Métis, the Ten Commandments 3000 BC, the Wheel, theLliad 800BC, the Hippocratic Oath 400 BC, King Alfred the Great 887, Papyrus, Pens, Pencils, Paper, the Legend of Camelot, the Sword, theCrossbow, Johannes Gutenberg 1450, Christopher Columbus 1492, the Reformation Martin Luther 1500, Copernicus 1500, the Bible, Leonardo daVinci 1505, Michelangelo 1560, the Renaissance 1600, Galileo 1600, Tarzan of the Jungle, Whole Grain Breads, Castles, good loamy soil, Ottawa, theParliament Buildings, First Nations Reservations 1870, the Provinces, the Territories, Quebec City, Montreal, The Geneva Convention 1948, Fresh,clean and healthy drinking Water, Multiculturalism, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms 1982, The Canadian Constitution 1867, the Venerable St.Lawrence Seaway, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education, Dictionaries, Arithmetic, Gravity, Phi the Golden Ratio, the Ruler, Cherry Trees, Apple Trees,Plum Trees, Peach Trees, Grape Vines, Vegetable gardens, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Lobster, Oysters, Beef Cattle, Hogs, Grain fields, Oat Fields,Flax seeds, Olives, Jams & Jellies, the Canadian Weather Network, The Rose, the Wild Rose, Alpine Flowers, Lilies, Tulips, Carnations, Lilacs, Liliesof the Valley, Ferns, Lichens, Mushrooms, Oregano, Garlic, Ginger, Fungus, Moss, Rosehips, Dandelions, Flowers, Blossoms, the Lever, the Hammer,the Mace, the Plough, Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia , Carlos Castaneda 1980, Aqueducts, Plumbing, the Spinning Wheel, fine China &Crystal, Pewter, Wine and Beer, hops, Earth Worms, the Seed Houses, History, Libraries, Pastors, Incense, Love is a Verb, Candles, Prayer, Soap,Toilet Paper, The Bahá'í , Meditation, Marriage, Cemeteries, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Precious stones and gems, Bees, Owls, the Song Birds, Nails,Screws, Bolts, Tools, the Blue Nose, Sail boats, the Anchor, Matches, the Slide Rule, the Oven, the Stove, the Cooler, Standard Measuring Units, FoodStorage & Canning, Pots & Pans, the Wallet & Purse, the Pocket Watch, Photovoltaic technology, Photographs, Phonographs, Land Telephones, theTaxonomic System, the Elements Table, Canada Post, Wind Power, Hydroelectric Power, Chickens and Roosters and Eggs.

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