Biological Sciences include many fields, listed here in alphabetical order realize many of these fields are combined or used as concentrations in schools

Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, and Biological Chemistry

Involve the chemical make-up of organisms, and the effects of chemicals on them.

Biological Engineering

Genetic engineering of organisms or engineering for natural organisms


Study of life and organisms

Biology and Society; Human Biology

Study of life through the effects on society, including genetics, populations, and other aspects

  • Colleges offering it:
  • Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences, College of Human Biology

Biomedical Engineering

The study of chemical make-up of organisms and the effects of chemicals on organisms for medical purposes

Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, and Biometry

Measurement of biological organisms and their responses to stimuli

Cell Biology

Study of life through focused study of cells

Cellular Biophysics and Biophysics

Study of cells through the physics involved in their survival and chemical production

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Study of the environment and how to best conserve, protect, and reserve wildlife

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Study of the environment and the process of evolution

Marine Science

Study of life in and around water


Study of micro-organisms

Molecular Biology

Study of life on the molecular level, breaking down processes and components of living beings.

Oral Biology

Study of the mouth


Study of the body and its physique, endurance and chemical processes

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