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Student Research Project in Ecology

The last unit we are covering this year in Biology is Ecology. Throughout the beginning of this unit, students will be conducting their own investigations on one of four topics in Ecology that we will later cover in more detail. Depending on class size, each group will consist of 6-8 members. It will be your job as a group to decide how to complete the various components of the project (this may include dividing up the tasks, working together for each one, having some members devoted only to analyzing and proof-reading, etc.).

Each section (and subsection) is discussed in your text book, which is a great resource that you should not fail to utilize. However, being that this is a research project, I expect to see material cited (along with external links) from other sources found from the internet. You may add anything to the project that you feel is relevant (links, pictures, your own thoughts, etc.). The length of each subtopic and number of required references are not set. If you are uncertain as to whether you are doing enough work, please contact me and I will look at what you have completed thus far. Please complete the pages thoroughly and neatly, as I will be addressing your work as I cover each topic throughout the unit.

Group assignments and due dates will be announced in class. There will be time within the course of this project to meet with your group during class, but the bulk of this work must be done as homework.

Group Topics

Group A: Community Ecology

Community Structure and Functioning (wiki page)
Community Biodiversity (wiki page)
Community Development (wiki page)

Group B: Ecosystems and the Biosphere

Energy Flow Through Ecosystems (wiki page)
Cycles of Matter in Ecosystems (wiki page)
Ecosystem Regulation from the Bottom Up and the Top Down (wiki page)
Abiotic Factors in Ecosystems (wiki page)

Group C: Ecology and the Geography of Life

Biomes (wiki page)
Aquatic Ecosystems (wiki page)
Ecotones (wiki page)
Biogeography (wiki page)

Group D: Humans in the Environment

The Biodiversity Crisis (wiki page)
Deforestation (wiki page)
Global Warming (wiki page)
Declining Stratospheric Ozone (wiki page)
Connections Among Environmental Problems (wiki page)

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