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This is a Wiki about the basic society of the BZPRPG, including elements, currency, groups, and islands. I would like to thank Wikipedia for some of the information stored here. Such as the Elemental powers section excluding custom powers.


Elemental Powers

Several races in the Bionicle universe wield powers based on classical elements. The basic range of powers over these elements include creating the element, controlling it in any form, absorbing it into the body, firing it in some kind of beam, and unleashing it in a massive explosion called a "Nova Blast". Element Metamorphisis is also an ability of Toa, Turaga, and Makuta.

  • Toa are the best-known wielders of elemental abilities; with their only real limit being that if they use this power excessively, they use up elemental energy and must wait for it to regenerate. If six Toa of different elements combine their power, they can create sealed prisons of solid protodermis that only be broken by a combination of the same six elements; no other elementally-powered beings have this ability. Turaga, which are depowered Toa, retain a minimal amount of elemental power that they once had.
  • The six Bohrok breeds are each affiliated with one of the six basic elements (except for Lehvak, which have the power of Swamp instead of Air). Their power is limited to merely firing their element from their hand shields (or in the case of Pahrak and Nuhvok, firing a beam that affects their element). The Bohrok Queens, the Bahrag, have greater control over these six elements.
  • Each of the six Bohrok-Kal is powered with a secondary or non-Toa element, which they can use in an offensive mode or a defensive mode.
  • Makuta has control over several secondary and non-Toa elements, primarily that of Shadow. As his offspring, some breeds of Kraata and Rahkshi can wield these powers as well.
  • The beings known as Piraka each have a basic elemental power, but they can only access these powers by combining their element with that of another Piraka.

Basic Elements

These six elements are the most common in the Bionicle universe; every major team of Toa seen so far is made up of one Toa of each of these elements:

Fire: Fire-powered beings can control heat and flame; including creating fireballs, heating air to slow a fall, and even absorbing all the heat out of an area. With the exception of Toa Jovan (Toa of Magnetism), fire Toa mostly make up the majority of leaders of their teams. Toa of fire include Tahu, Vakama, Jaller, Lhikan, Norik and Dume.

Water: Those with the power of water can do things like create tidal waves and jets of water, and absorb moisture from the immediate area. It should be noted that there are two types of "water" in the Bionicle world: liquid protodermis and what is assumed to be normal H2O water; water-powered beings can control both equally. Toa of water include Gali, Nokama, Hahli and Gaaki.

Air: The elemental power of air can create tornadoes and cyclones, manipulate wind currents for flying and gliding, and create a vacuum by absorbing all air in an area. Toa of air include Lewa, Matau, Kongu, Nidhiki and Iruini.

Stone: Stone-powered beings can control sand and rock; including creating rock walls and sandstorms, shaping rock into different forms, and detecting stress points in stone walls. The power of stone cannot effect terrain and soil. Toa of stone include Pohatu, Onewa, Hewkii and Pouks.

Earth: Beings of the earth can cause earthquakes and raise walls of dirt and soil; these beings often use this power to excel at tunneling underground. The power of Earth does not affect sand and rock. Toa of earth include Onua, Whenua, Nuparu and Bomonga.

Ice: Ice-powered beings are masters of the cold; being able to lower temperatures in the immediate area, create ice structures, and freeze enemies solid. Toa of ice include Kopaka, Nuju, Matoro and Kualus.

Secondary Elements

The following elements are elements besides the basic ones that are known to be controlled by Toa.

Gravity: Those with the power of gravity can increase gravity to the point that people and objects become so heavy they cannot move, or decrease it to the point that they become lighter than air and float away.

Light: The elemental power of light can create paralyzing beams of light, cover the user in a glowing aura, projecting deadly laser beams, creating objects or structures out of light, and absorb all the light in an area. Light is an inherently good element, and is very powerful against the evil element of Shadow. This element is very rarely seen; only Takanuva is known to wield it.

Magnetism: Magnetically-powered beings can increase or decrease the magnetic field in an area, or attract or repel metal objects. Used by Jovan.

Plants: Those with control over plants can presumably do things like summon vines, thorned plants, flowers, trees or whatever other plant life would be useful. This element has no official name yet, but series writer Greg Farshtey has unofficially dubbed it "The Green" in reference to Swamp Thing.[1]

Plasma: Beings with plasma power can turn objects into superheated plasma, fire beams of plasma, and absorb plasma into their bodies.

Sonics: The elemental power of sonics can create and control sound waves, use sonic waves to disrupt a structure's integrity, and absorb all the sound in an area. Used by Krakua.

Non-Toa Elements

The following are unofficially considered elements, though there are no known Toa with these powers.

Acid/Swamp: This is considered an element because it is wielded by the Bohrok breed Lehvak, where the other five Bohrok breeds control basic elements. Lehvak are officially designated as Bohrok of Swamp, and are able to spray a large amount of incredibly corrosive acid that is capable of eating through any substance.

Electricity: Considered an element because the Bohrok-Kal Tahnok-Kal has this power; the Toa Inika also have lightning as a secondary effect to their regular elemental powers. Electrically-powered beings can create and control lightning, shock the opponent with a burst of electricity, and absorb all the electricity in an area. The only reason this is not considered a Toa element is that we have not yet seen a Toa of Electricity.

Life: Life is a powerful element that is too powerful to be wielded by a Toa; perhaps by any being. This power can evolve existing life and give life to inanimate objects;[2] and it can take life away as well. The only object known to contain the power of Life is the Kanohi Ignika, though Takutanuva has been known to do what the Ignika could not and return life to the dead.

Shadow: Those with the power of Shadow can creating blasts and beams of shadow energy, creating objects or structures from shadows, spread shadow to hinder visibility, and absorb all the darkness in an area. Shadow is an inherently evil element and therefore will never be wielded by Toa; and it is very weak against the element of Light. Only the Brotherhood of Makuta members have this power. Roodaka also has natural shadow energy that she can fire from her fingertips.

Time: An elemental ability that allows the wielder to control and manipulate time itself; like the power of Life, Time is far too powerful to truly be wielded by Toa or any being. Examples of elemental time abilities include speeding up or slowing down time in a certain area or around a target; but not the ability to time travel. The only object known to contain the power of Time is the Kanohi Vahi; though Voporak is also known for having time-based powers.

Vacuum: Wielded by the Bohrok-Kal Lehvak-Kal; who can suck all the air in an area and create a vacuum, and then send that sucked up air back at a target in a single powerful blast. In truth, Vacuum will never be recognized as an official Toa element because these things could be done by a skilled Toa of Air.[3]

Custom Elements

Main Article Many BZPRPGers have created custom elements that are non-canon and never seen in the real Bionicle storyline. Here are breif examples of each.

Chaos: Chaos is one of the most mysterious and volatile elements known to Matorankind. Generally it is shot as a beam of yellow energy that physically harms an enemy, although some odd side-effects show up after being hit by Chaos energy (Ex: entering an almost drunken stupor, muscles loosing control, vertigo, power randomizing). Objects can also be made of pure Chaos, and give off the same side-effects as Chaos energy. Chaos can be shot to randomly rearrange a building or object, and can be absorbed to create order. Toa of Chaos include Sylph. Chaos was created by Vak.

Spectral: Spectral refers to any metaphysical energy. The exact nature of Spectral power is unknown, but most people compare it to life energy. Pumping an enemy full of Spectral energy heals them, and gives them unnatural strength while sucking it from them can cause their body to become nothing but a decaying husk. Inanimate objects exposed to Spectral energy come to life for short periods of time. There are no known Toa of Spectral. Spectral was created by Vak.

Animation: Animation refers to animating an originally inanimate object. It can also be applied to animating other elements; ie, animating a solid shield of air. Animation is among the rarest elements in existance, only a few Toa being blessed with the power. These Toa include Saeras, and Elochai. Animation was created by Moutekea.

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