Welcome to Bioniwiki. The next hopefully succesful Bionicle reference site. 

This site will feature everything (Or just about everything) in Bionicle history and I mean it! From 2001 all the way to the end, you'll be able to find certain information about characters you probably never knew! This site will also include some information on some of their video games! So just sit back and relax!

  Now your're probably thinking what's Bionicle and what's it about? 

Well Bionicle is one of the top selling Lego toys in America. Oh, did I mention that Lego created Bionicle? Anyways it started in 1997 and so far it's still one of the biggest succeses ever! But there's more to it. Bionicle also has a story fore each look below, click on a year and continue to expand your Bionicle knowledge!